[Jan 2003 HIV vaccine] Vaxgen

AidsVax: CDC vaccine chief busted

"During a three-continents investigation of AidsVax, the first product to enter large-scale trials as a possible HIV vaccine, Deer uncovered disturbing evidence of private deals to defeat widespread criticism over VaxGen's controversial technology. One of many revelations concerned CDC vaccine chief Dr William Heyward, who steered money and credibility to the California-based company while planning to join its staff. The Sunday Times Magazine October 3 1999."--Brian Deer

THE VAXGEN EXPERIMENT By Brian Deer The Sunday Times Magazine (London) 3rd October 1999

Dangers of the AIDS Vaccine--CJ Wolf

"Just a word about vaccines. I tell all my clients not to take the Pneumovax (vaccine for pneumococcal pneumonia), and under no circumstances take the flu vaccine. just don't bother. There's no evidence that these vaccines work in people with AIDS. But there's a lot of evidence that the vaccines are very detrimental. As far as general HIV vaccines go, they're being researched to the tune of a lot of media hype, supposedly to protect us against the AIDS virus. Well, there is some disconcerting evidence and statistics that won't go away, that the AIDS virus may have been introduced into our population by means of a vaccine. And I can tell you no one is ever going to stick an "AIDS vaccine" into my body. I'd rather take my chances with the AIDS virus. At least then I know what I'm dealing with, rather than whatever virus is in the so-called vaccine."--Joan Priestley, M.D.