Anaphylaxis and vaccination
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Anaphylactic shock (anaphylaxis). An immediate (type 1) hypersensitivity reaction. Acute, often explosive, allergic systemic reaction, characterized by circulatory failure (e.g. alteration of level of consciousness, low arterial blood pressure, weakness or absence of peripheral pulses, cold extremities secondary to reduced peripheral circulation, flushed face and increased perspiration) with or without bronchospasm and/or laryngospasm/laryngeal oedema leading to respiratory distress. May also include pruritis, generalized flushes, angioedema (hives), seizures, vomiting, abdominal cramps and incontinence. It occurs in previously sensitized persons who receive the sensitizing antigens again. Supplementary information on vaccine safety WHO/V&B/00

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[2011 June] Part 2 of 3. Unanswered Questions about the Hepatitis B Vaccine by Hilary Butler   There was clear, unequivocal evidence of anaphylaxis of many degrees, resulting from the Hepatitis B vaccine......Imagine my surprise, on reading the Hepatitis B chapter, to find this statement on page 229: "Anaphylaxis was not observed in the 166,757 children vaccinated with a plasma-derived vaccine in New Zealand (Morris and Butler, 1992)"...

[2009 Nov] PHAC confirms 24 cases of anaphylaxis across Canada after H1N1 flu shots  There have been 24 confirmed cases of a type of severe allergic reaction called anaphylaxis in Canadians who have received an H1N1 flu shot, including one person who died after getting vaccinated, the head of the Public Health Agency of Canada said Wednesday.

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[2008 Sept] HPV vaccine shows higher rate of anaphylaxis: study The human papilomavirus (HPV) vaccine is up to 20 times more likely than other school-based vaccines to cause anaphylaxis, according to a study released Monday.

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Polysorbate 80 is a ubiquitously used solubilizing agent that can cause severe nonimmunologic anaphylactoid reactions.

A study published in December, 2005 discovered that Tween80 can cause anaphylaxis, a sometimes fatal reaction characterized by a sharp drop in blood pressure, hives, and breathing difficulties. Researchers concluded that the severe reaction was not a typical allergic response characterized by the combination of IgE antibodies and the release of histamines; it was caused by a serious disruption that had occurred within the immune system. Exploring Vaccines

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