I never knew when my son, Will, started displaying signs of social problems and developmental delays that he had been overdosed 7 times on mercury through his vaccines.  What many Pediatricians were calling a ďsmall amountĒ of mercury was actually a grand total for Will of 213 mcg or 316,530,973,856,000,000 molecules of mercury.

My son was overdosed on mercury, a powerful neurotoxin, and then began displaying the exact same symptoms of mercury poisoning.   As a result of these displayed symptoms Will was given the diagnosis of Aspergerís Syndrome/high functioning autism, Pervasive developmental delay, ADHD, speech delay, fine and gross motor skill delays, double vision and auditory processing problems.  

Mercury poisoning was never considered by any of the professionals diagnosing my son, as they had no idea Will had been overdosed on mercury.   My once typically developing son was slowly succumbing to a powerful neurotoxin, as his body was unable to excrete mercury.  

I never knew when I provided my signature for my son to receive all of his vaccines I was agreeing to never sue his Pediatrician nor the maker of the vaccines if he was injured.  I never knew that a component of Willís vaccines was Thimerosal, a mercury based compound, which had NEVER RECEIVED ADEQUATE FDA safety testing.  My husband and I have been left to pay out of our own pockets for medical help to remove the mercury and help heal my sonís body.

I wish so very much for our family and Will I could go back in time.  I think the hugest mistake, I an educated person made, was to trust my childís pediatrician.  I ask myself all the time why I trusted someone I never really knew.

Parents should trust themselves enough to research and ask questions, hard questions, and not take everything their pediatrician has to say as the gospel.  Pediatricians are not experts in every area of medicine.  Pediatricians are not toxicologist and should not go around telling parents injecting mercury into children will cause no harm.   There is and will never be any valid research to show that any level of injected mercury will cause no harm to an infant with a developing brain or a fetus.

I co-founded Moms Against Mercury to not only help raise awareness of what happened to my son, but what is sadly still occurring to children today.  I urge all parents of children who are diagnosed with any sort of neurodevolopmental delay such as Autism, Aspergerís Syndrome, ADHD, speech delay, ADD, auditory processing problems to really get educated on this issue.

I also urge parents who are going to vaccinate their children to look at package inserts for the word THIMEROSAL .  Many parents have reported to me their childís pediatrician told them vaccines do not contain Thimerosal anymore, but when they asked to see the package insert indeed Thimerosal was listed as an ingredient.  EVEN A TRACE AMOUNT WILL DAMAGE SOME CHILDREN according to experts who have studied the toxicity of Thimerosal, the mercury based preservative in vaccines.  Through research, which took place after we overdosed a generation of children on mercury, did we learn certain children could not excrete the mercury injected into them.

I would further urge parents to also find out the aluminum levels in their childís vaccines to see if the level is safe.

I have also learned through talking to many pediatricians they know VERY little about mercury toxicity and really do not want to discuss this issue with parents.   First and foremost parents need to understand this is a very political issue which involves the powerful pharmaceutical industry along with the CDC, FDA, and members of Congress.   The CDC through their own studies have shown a child is much more likely to develop a neurodevelopmental delay such as Autism, ADHD, Speech Delay if given mercury containing vaccines (Thimerosal), but then marked their own research as confidential and not to release.  They later altered their own data to show no link between mercury containing vaccines and these neurological disorders.

It is your child, your right, so take action and keep asking questions.  Take it from a mother who knows first hand you will be left to deal with the outcome.  Not your doctor.  Please contact us if you have questions.