Not sure you guys saw this piece (video embedded in link below). This
is an amazing story. This shows his commitment to why biomed works.
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7-year-old Austin gets a new family, and a perfect fit
11/23/2008 1:36 PM
By: Catie Beck

We last met Austin in March.
Several months ago we introduced you to a 7-year-old named Austin,
who has autism, and needed a loving family to help him grow. This
week Austin got what he was waiting for, his forever family.

It was a happy day for the new parents, and their new addition,
however unexpected it may have seemed just a few months ago.

"We weren't thinking about it, we weren't looking for adoption, but
we saw a news story," Austin's new adopted father Bryan Jepson


New Family

News 8's Catie Beck was there and now brings you the moment Austin's
been waiting for.

The family saw a News 8 Forever Families segment, and months later
they sat before a judge to make their case.

"Seeing this little boy and knowing that we could help him. I just
knew that I would wonder every day whatever happened to him if I
didn't help him," Austin's adopted mother Laurie Jepson said.
It was an emotional moment when Bryan Jepson described the family's
affection for Austin.

Her husband, Bryan Jepson, is an autism expert by profession and
experience, as the family's middle son, Aaron, is also autistic.

"We've been there, done that, so its part of our life, so hopefully
it will give him a chance to make some good progress," Laurie Jepson

Austin has lived with the family for five months, but now he's
officially one of them.

Austin not only gets two new parents, but he also will have two new
"He's fit in right from the beginning," Laurie Jepson said. "Today is
just making it official and real and it's been really special."

No doubt it's a special day for Austin too, with a permanent place to
call home and a family to love and be loved by forever.