vaccines and autism again!

This article submitted by Xman on 10/25/98.
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Hi, I never knew about this forum - it's too far down the list and I really didn't believe my son's autism was related to his vaccines until I had my last baby immunized at 6 months - for 1st dose - and he immediately developed autistic signs. Like so many other posts here I have since learned too late about these vaccines. DPT appears to be the biggest culprit but polio and hepititus B also check in as causes of autism. I have the DPT Shot tin the Dark book now too. I have researched a bunch. Others report problems from the MMR - but I wonder if those aren't also given with another DPT booster as well. There are some good listings and replys up in the autism forum - a list of ingredients of the pertussis vaccine. Well my baby is doing much better on a daily dose of DMG and we have ordered the homeopathic thuja. What kind of results have any of you had with Thuja? I am so mad that I allowed my 3 sons to be injured and I wonder too just what my autistic 3 year old would be like if he weren't damaged - certainly would be much easier to live with! It is so hard telling other people that the baby was vaccine injured - theyt think I 'm crazy! But now I think it caused the autism in my 3 year old because he was normal before he got his shots - and we didn't know enough about babies to watch for the mild reactions and changes after the shots. And after his dx I thought it was some genetic thing and all our children might be autistic - I didn't know it was more like we are genetically predisposed to vaccine damage - also probably our children would be the ones to suffer tremendously if they caught pertussis unvaccinated - but I would rather risk that than live with a miserable shell - not that I don't love my chilren tremendously - they might have ened up this way anyway if they had contracted pertussis - or even died. I just don't think injecting mercury into the babies blood 4 times before the age of 2 is a good thing to do. I hope to try the thuja soon - been waiting a while now. I will check out some of the other sites listed below - if we could spread the word about vaccine injuries to others - I am sure other people who have mentally handicapped children don't even suspect the vaccines caused it. Of course if a baby is born with the problems the parents would probably know the caues was inborn - but autism add adhd ald cp ms maybe diabetes - other syndromes where the child was born perfect and then acquired a problem - due to demyelinization - autoimmune reactions - strange allergies - hard to detect the encephalitus. Put the blame on the true culprit! Find the right direction to seek the cures! We all say the same thing here - we all feel the same. Well if I find out anything that helps us I will post it here and I hope that you will too. So far DMG is the only thing that I have tried for my baby - 8 months old now. It had some great benefits for my autistic son too - but I think too much time has passed with him and he will always suffer some brain damage even if we do find the combination to balance his chemical defiencies - enzymes and fatty acids and antioxidants and who knows what else might help. I found a great article by Patricia Kane, phd. "Essential Fatty Acids - Lorenzo's Oil and Beyond" About vaccines, brain damage, tests and results - do you think any dr around here would know ANYTHING about this?! Our pediatrician said it was highly unlikely that the vaccines caused any problem. I think it is probably normal for babies to stop smiling after their shots and the great majority of parents don't notice. They expect the baby to feel bad afterwards and never notice that the smile never comes back the way it was. I have been looking at babies in the stores trying to find a happy one - like my baby used to be. Maybe all babies are effected to some small degree. I can now see where people come up with those horrible conspiracy theories. I also know about the horrible plague brought on by pertussis for centuries - the DPT book is very educational! So please excuse my ramblings but you all know the need to express yourselves to someone who knows and appreciates your problem. I am really sad to hear about all the casses worse than mine - it really steams my kettle! How many other parents out there have never even thought about the vaccines as a cause! X