>Today, Friday, August 13,  USA TODAY showed a picture of my precious Jacob
>and me on the bottom of the cover.   It was in the "COMING NEXT WEEK" and the
>line read "ANSWERS TO AUTISM: Health officials are scrambling to explain a
>stunning increase in the number of children diagnosed with autism.  Some
>parents are saying vaccines might be the culprit."  It was the only story
>highlighted with a photo for next week.  This is very good news, as it looks
>like it will be a definite cover story. 
>I am not happy with the photo, as it makes me look as though I am distraught
>and lost  (not to mention making me look 20 lbs heavier then I am ... UGGG)  
>Jacob looks like he is a miserable child and completely frustrated.  Which is
>just the opposite of his now, interactive, happy nature and how far he has
>come through diet, supplement and early intervention.  (It was well into the
>photo session, and he was looking for his lost toy.)  He is doing remarkably
>well.  And, the hope for these children is incredible.  This always keeps
>hope in our eyes and a smile on our face.  That is the reason why we do what
>we do. 
>They took many photos, and I am sure picked the worse one to emphasize the
>despair in living through this.  Not all parents are as blessed as I am.   For
>that reason, I understand why they chose this photo. (I do hope when it is
>printed that they will show Darrell with us as well.  He has been my partner
>and greatest help in all the work we have done.  Mommy's don't do it all, we
>are family and should be portrayed as one).
>The story is planned to tell of our identical twins where one is autistic and
>the other not.  This is very rare (we only know of one other case in the US)
>and the fact that one identical (Yes Jacob) was immunized earlier is
>completely unheard of.
>We hope that the story will not give to many bias on the side of the vaccine
>manufactures or the CDC.  They certainly cannot tell of study research on
>autism and vaccine reactions, as they have not done any.
>Darrell and I said the first day we stumbled upon Jacob's autism and vaccine
>reaction ...if we can raise one eyebrow or get one parent to question and
>research, people will begin to look for more information.  If we can save
>only one child, it is worth everything. 
>We certainly have gone beyond that and God still continues to open doors for
>us to do even more. 
>Our heart and desire is the best for every child's health and future.
>Once again, here is our website  <A
>HREF=" http://www.littleangels.org   /">Unlocking Autism</A> ...DARRELL AND JEANA