Bayer made Rhogam that contained 35 mcg of mercury, Bayer in 2003

Petitioned OEHHA to take thimerosal/mercury off the list of reproductive toxins,

Here is OEHHA reply to Bayer.

OEHHA (Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assesment) reports;

"The scientific evidence that PMA and Thimerosal cause reproductive toxcitity is CLEAR and VOLUMINOUS.

The evidence for its reproductive toxcitity includes severe mental retardation or malformations in human offspring who were poisoned when thier mothers were exposed to ethylmercury or thimerosal while pregnant." 

What happens when you inject pregnant women with Mercury?

Donna: Son Kevin, Rhogam during pregnancy, 1986...Child is
multihandicapped,Clinical Angelman,Severe Lennox Gastaut, EEG shows he
not enter stage
two sleep, Non Verbal, Spastic quad cp, Profound mental retarded, His 6
mos old baby hair was tested for mercury,At A CAP Approved Lab. It was
13.78mcg,This was
for a 17lb infant. A healthy Adults mercuy level is 1.58mcg.