COMMENTS by T.Binstock - Panel Wants Infants to Get Rotavirus Shots

From: Teresa Binstock

Let's enjoy some nuances. The MV component of the MMR can impair
immunity (DE Griffin, series of studies). If thimerosal is injected the
same day, then a further impairment of immunity will occur (Westphal and
colleagues).  If the child is sick or has recently been sick, he or she
is likely to have "just a tad" of nutrient depletion in pathways related
to immunity and detox. Thus the question arises, for such a child, how
attenuated are the attenuated strains of several live viruses?  And now,
enforcers of Vaccinology Orthodoxy want to bundle the VZV vacc with the
MMR, thus making the Frankensteinian MMRV, despite the fact that in May
of 2005, a study in Vaccine reported that the number of cases of
shingles would increase as a result of VZV vaccinations. Now, let's add
the aforementioned weakenings of immunity (Griffin; Westphal).  The only
conclusion that seems logical is that the (unstated) purpose of the many
vaccinations is to cause chronic symptoms and thereby to increase sales
of pharmaceutical meds.  That rationale also is consistent with the
CDC's hiring of the IOM to have a kangeroo-court hearing with
predetermined conclusions that would clear thimerosal and also
consistent with intent to enforce Orthdoxy by decreeing that further
thimerosal studies ought not be done.  Once upon a time, many years ago
in a faraway land, Rulers of a different Orthodoxy decreed that Galileo
shall not espouse a model wherein the Earth travels about the Sun, and
his disciple - a dedicated man named Giordano Bruno (perhaps Andy
Wakefield's gggggreat uncle) persisted in his teaching of the Earth
around the Sun model and for that he was not banished to Texas but
instead was put to death.  And when parents wanted PCR of CSF so as to
determine if vaccinal MV was present, the Lords of Orthodoxy sought to
prevent the procedure - near the hospital and later at Customs.

What's odd about my angry sarcasm hereinabove is that,  aside from a
hypothesized Wakefield geneology, the rest of the rhetoric describes
real events.

My mind and heart ache against the reality...