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[A recent tragic example was Sally Clark, whose babies died soon after vaccination.  At least with Cot-death they never blamed the parents.  The main ones here are: Shaken Baby Syndrome  Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy.  A good example of Allopathy Inc personality.]

"But there is another thing that I must mention to you, and that is the case of Emily Maud Child, of Leeds. That child who was vaccinated, died, and a coronerís jury having held an inquest, it was brought in conclusively that she died from syphilis, as the result of vaccination. A certificate to that effect went up to the Government, who sent an inspector down to investigate the case; he took photographs of the teeth of the other children, declared they were syphilitic, and reported that it was not, vaccine lymph which produced the syphilis, but that the fault lay with the mother herself. (Cries of "Shame.")
    At last the Royal Commission heard of the case and sent down independent investigators, who found that there was not a vestige of syphilis in the remaining children, and that the charge against the mother was false. (Cheers.) It is a terrible thing, I say, that not only have you to stand the chance of losing the child who is dear to you, but you have to stand the chance of the powerful machinery of Government being turned on in order to take away the character of your wife. They tell me I have no right to pick out these hard cases; but I tell my friends I will stop picking them out when they stop putting them in. (Cheers.)"--- The Case Against Vaccination by Dr Hadwen (an address at Gloucester on  Saturday, January 25th, 1896, during the Gloucester Smallpox Epidemic)

[2012 Aug] Man Serving Life for Killing his Baby Daughter Could be Innocent!

[vid] Tanya Marrhoubi-Sadowsky, Parent Testimony   Tonya tells her story about how her husband was jailed for life when her daughter Amanda died 10 days after vaccinations

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