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Posted - 10/05/2006 :  23:28:08  
I would like to tell you my experience of the DTP vaccinations and the effect it has had on our family.

In 1975 my cousin started having siezures at a few months of age, my aunt was told by a doctor that the whooping cough vaccination was to blame and apparantly there had been alot of press coverage about the jab. As a result Hayley (32) has had epilepsy all of her life, she cannot hold down a job, cannot drive a car and is childless as a result of the medication. none of the children in the family were to be given the vaccine and this was accepted by doctors.

I have 3 children, my daughter now 12 did not have the whooping cough vaccine but had all the others at the time and is fit and healthy. My second child now 8 was vaccinated as a baby with the combined jab, I raised my concerns with the health visitor at the time and was reassured that he would be fine a few days later however he was admitted to hospital as he was floppy, unresponsive and very poorly. at the time we were living in germany with the army and the german doctor at the childrens hospital told me it was the whooping cough jab. The army doctors would not have any of it but allowed me to proceed his vaccinations with single jabs and no whooping cough jab. I was informed time and time again by them and my surgery back in the UK how expensive this was.

Anyway seven years on and I gave birth to my 3rd a beautiful baby boy on xmas eve 2005, a planned homebirth which although traumatic for (shoulder distocia) gave him an apgar score of ten so he was very healthy. The first weeks were fine and normal but at the back of my mind I was already worrying about his jabs.

I spoke to my health visitor who was brilliant and suggested I spoke to my GP and explain what had happened with my other son. the GP made me feel that I was being irrational and that if he didnt have the jabs I was irresponsible so I decided to go ahead. The dreaded day arrived and I was so close to walking out but didnt, I told the nurse who was preparing the jabs what had happened before and she assured me that the whooping cough vaccine had changed since that it was egg that was responsible for previous reactions so I did it, I let them inject my little baby with 5 chemicals in one go. To my relief he didnt have any reaction as the weeks went by and so I went for the follow ups. The last one in May this year which made my little boy ill for weeks, I cant describe it he was just not himself.

One night in June I woke to him crying so I started to give him his feed but he would not take it then I noticed he was shaking uncontrollably, I thought that id overheated him and so undressed him and settled him back to sleep.

Then in july, we were getting ready one morning for school and work connah was laid on my bed while I was getting dressed my nightmare started, i looked at my baby who was making funny noises and to my horror he was blue and stiff, i thought he was dieing in my arms as i waited 20 min for the ambulance that turned up as he was coming round.

i was told hed had a febrile convulsion and took him home later that day, the next day it happened again and again and again after 3 days in hospital a normal mri and eeg i was told he had epilepsy given medication and sent home. now 9 month old he is still having siezures and absences every few days and i am fighting to get him seen by a neurologist. everytime i hve mentioned the jabs i am told im talking nonsense but i know in my heart that my little boy was normal before them and with each one he has become more ill and distant.


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Posted - 10/06/2006 :  07:20:29    
This bought it all back for me. My son was developing normally until he had his DTP 12 years ago.He went from a strong healthybaby trying torollover, to a baby more akin to a newborn, overnight.He had a severe reaction to the DTP,which resulted in a dark golfball sized lumpon his leg, he went along for the next jab and thelumpwas still there, I was advised it was just a muscle spasm by the HV and that it was fine tohave the next jab

Thats when the fits started, upto 150 a dayat one time, we nearly lost him, he was literally dying of exhaustion,and he was snt home for xmas, as they thought ( we know this now) thathe wouldnt survive the holidays

He did though, and was re-admitted when a doctortried a radical 'cure' a massive dose of steroids, and it helped, it took the seziures down to around 15 a day and gave my son breathing space.

Over the next few months he had many scans and tests, and in the end it was decided he had Ohtaharas syndrome, a diagnosis that I have never agreed with as usually babies are born withit and it usually is fatal.

We tried a vaccine damage tribunal as we know until he had the whooping cough vaccine( which in fact gave him something akin to whooping cough)he was fine and healthy.

Over the years the fits faded away , he now has a dignosis( made upbya doctor and never heard of by anyone else!) of burnt out Ohtaharas,but is left with brain damage and severe learning disabilities, along withadvanced bone age and tight achiles tendons and hamstrings, sohe cant walk properly, he is forced towalk on tiptoes.

You are not alone, many of us have been touched by vaccine damage due tothe DTP, our tribunal failed, we had noproof and they kept moving the goalposts.

I would suggest you keep digging and try the tribunal, what have you got to lose? Who knows, one day it may become widely recognised that the DTP can cause horrendous damage to our children.

I wish you well