The British Psychological Society - The Secret Brotherhood

Scandal has hit the once quiet British Psychological Society. Tonight the organisation has been reeling from accusations comparing its conduct to the Salem witches trials of 1692. This is of course not the first time a regulatory body has been accused of taking this radical stance to silence its critics.

A number of professionals have unanimously accused the organisation acting as a “soviet style regime”. The Society based in Leicester has been under fire from various academics since their secret hearings regarding leading psychologist Lisa Blakemore Brown came to light. Transcripts supplied by a source at the Society were apparently “ shocking” and a travesty of justice.

Not long ago the Telegraph newspapers featured Lisa Blakemore Brown. They stated “A former government adviser who has controversially linked infant vaccines to autism in children claims she is the victim of a disciplinary action "witch-hunt". The child psychologist Lisa Blakemore-Brown believes that her outspokenness has made her enemies in the pharmaceutical business and in the Government. Ms Blakemore-Brown, 57, has expounded the theory that diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis innoculations routinely given to babies at two months could be linked to autism and a range of allergies”

We sought to interview the British Psychological Society recently and they were reluctant to divulge any information. A statement from their solicitors stated “These are ongoing confidential proceedings and therefore, on advice, the Society has decided it is not appropriate to discuss them.” Lisa Blakemore Brown had provided her permission to the British Psychological Society to discuss matters with us. The society has remained coy regarding the proceedings and have been silent regarding a potential police investigation into their conduct under the Harassment Act 1997. They though told us “The Society would object to any publication of the transcripts which would be a breach of confidence. The proceedings are confidential to protect the privacy of Ms Blakemore-Brown”The Society is satisfied that its actions are lawful. The Society is a charity and therefore answerable to the Charities Commission, and to the courts in the usual way”

It seems ironic that the British Psychological Society who stated this week “The Society would not condone the abuse of either psychiatry or psychology” appears to be engaging in the abuse of psychiatry themselves. They also stated “You may wish to look at our Code of Ethics and Conduct. The Society has also issued a declaration condemning the use of torture, details of which can be found here."

We were interested to find out the main roleplayers of this secret brotherhood. The hearing was held on the 30th and 31st January 2007. Dr Aubrey Blumsohn requested to attend the hearing but unfortunately the British Psychological Society rejected the application without any reason. We believe it is important to obtain transparency of the issue concerned. We therefore wish to present those responsible for ruling against Ms Lisa Blakemore Brown today.

Panel Members

Dr Pat Frankish Psychologist [Ex President]
Joop Tanis Chair [Physiotherapist]
Philip Partridge - lay member [Chartered Accountant]
Medical Assessor to Panel - Dr Gaius Davies [ believes in the existence of God but finds scientific research potentially grandiose]
Legal Adviser to Panel [all paid by BPS by the way] Louise Chudleigh
Counsel - Pat Hitchcock

BPS Team

Christine O Rourke
Lorraine Peart
Lauren Russell
Dr Trevor Friedman ( Psychiatrist)

Today, the above individuals decided to threaten Lisa Blakemore Brown with injunctions and courts if any transcripts were to be published. We say, what is there to fear by disclosing information about the hearing? Clearly, the prickly BPS team seem to have got themselves in a trap of circular logic.

What they fail to realise is that NHS Exposed always has other sources which may very well include members of the BPS.

What exactly will approaching the court for an injunction achieve? Well, it certainly is never going to prevent us from publishing. To do that, a injunction in every single country in the world would have to be obtained by the above party. We have our connections just as they do – and we are not afraid to use them.

Indeed, thanks to these sources and leaks from their own camp, we have been able to obtain interesting information regarding the society’s panic at the prospect of publication of transcripts showing exactly how this body conducts its affairs.

Yes, we know the importance of secrets when it comes to those who victimise and bully. We found this article on workplace psychopaths rather interesting[a link from a legal magazine].

Its is therefore important to study and analyse the behavioural patterns of the above individuals. Currently, we say that they have a syndrome called “ Lets dig our heels in and everyone will go away”. Of course, no one intends to disappear off this rocking boat, least of all us.

The most interesting member of the team is Dr Gaius Davies an eminent consultant psychiatrist. Kings College Hospital have so far been unable to locate him within their systems.

One professional today observed “Gaius, of course, was an army doctor so it has always been a case knocking people back into line, and jumping into line himself. Conform, conform, conform” . He infamously stepped out of line accusing Ms Blakemore Brown of grandiosity when examining her scientific research. The panel then admitted that he had gone beyond his remit.

Of course, Dr Gaius Davies has still to provide us with the scientific research to back his beliefs ie the existence of God. A Christian by religion, this senior Psychiatrist has not responded to our suggestion that the lack of scientific research to back up his beliefs in the existence of God may be inferred and argued as to be potentially delusional. We also question whether his conduct is in line with the Ten Commandments. Just for a quick reminder to Dr Davies all decked up in his Royal College of Psychiatrist’s ’tie here it is.

Dr Davies of course became a doctor in 1953. We would term the good doctor most definitely “ elderly”. Of course, there is no law against elderly doctors practising at all. There is of course a reason why doctors retire. The DVLA follows a different point of view preferring to test the fitness to drive of every elderly driver.

While the British Psychological Society would like to bring Lisa Blakemore Brown in line, we at NHS Exposed have watched their conduct with amusement.

Over the last week, the British Psychological Society has become increasingly agitated. Agitation is often detected on lie detectors and in those with something to conceal. The British Psychological Society of course have a lot to hide. It is our view that greater scrutiny of the transcripts etc will show the public that the British Psychological Society would never stand the test in an full blown attack under the Human Rights Act 1998.

Like the General Medical Council, the British Psychological Society like the sound of their own voice and wallow in their own self importance.

In summary, the British Psychological Society is not a creature of statute. It calls itself a charity but is hardly charitable in its conduct. Currently, it continues its draconian abuse of psychiatry in order to silence an intelligent well renowned psychologist who dared to present her research. Lisa Blakemore Brown has never been mentally unstable or ill. We therefore have to ask the question – Why does the British Psychological Society wish to have its hearings ins secret and why have they pursued Lisa Blakemore Brown for ten years. In short, what do they have to hide?

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