Cody CL, et al (1981). Nature and rates of adverse reactions associated with DTP and DT immunizations in infants and children. Pediatrics. 1981 Nov;68(5):650-60. PMID: 7031583; UI: 82081582.
In 784 DT and 15,752 DTP immunizations given to children 0 to 6 years of age who were prospectively studied for reactions occurring within 48 hours following immunization, minor reactions were significantly more frequent following DTP vaccine. The ratio of reaction rates associated with DTP and DT immunizations (DTP/DT) for selected local and systemic reactions was as follows: local redness, 37.4%/7.6%; local swelling, 40.7%/7.6%; pain, 50.9%/9.9%; fever, 31.5%/14.9%; drowsiness, 31.5%/14.9%; fretfulness, 53.4%/22.6%; vomiting, 6.2%/2.6%; anorexia, 20.9%/7.0% and persistent crying, 3.1%/0.7%. Following DTP immunization nine children developed convulsions and nine developed hypotonic hyporesponsive episodes. No sequelae were detected following these reactions. Publication Types: Clinical trial PMID: 7031583, UI: 82081582

Adverse events which may occur
within 48 hours
of DTP vaccinations*(WHO web site)

Events Frequency


Redness 1/3 doses
Swelling 2/5 doses
Pain 1/2 doses
Fever>=38 C (100.4 F) 1/2 doses
Drowsiness 1/3 doses
Fretfulness 1/2 doses
Vomiting 1/5 doses
Anorexia 1/ 5 doses
Persistent, inconsolable crying
(duration >=3 hours)
1/100 doses
Fever>=40.5 C (>=105 F) 1/330 doses
(hypotonic-hyporesponsive episode)
1/1,750 doses
(with or without fever)
1/1,750 doses

* From Cody CL, Baraff LJ, Cherry JD, et al., 1981 (42).
Rate per total number of doses regardless of dose number in DTP