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Hi All,

I wanted to let you know about an experience I just had. I travel fairly extensively speaking on vaccines. This past Thursday, I was scheduled to speak in Brantford Ontario and then appear on a live call-in TV show called "Healthline" on Friday. The Medical Officer of Health went to great lengths to keep people from hearing me.

He couldn't stop the public presentation itself but "mysteriously" schools that were going to distribute flyers suddenly renegged. The media persons who were to attend suddenly cancelled. (Although 2 showed up anyway nothing has yet hit the newspapers).

At the talk, I stopped for a break before the Q&A period and the host of the TV show, who attended the evening, got up and spoke.

He told the audience that the medical officer of health had threatened both him and the TV station. He intended to lodge formal complaints against the host and have him investigated by the chiropractic college (the host is an area chiropractor) if I was allowed on the show.

This threat made no impression but when the medical officer of health threatened the TV station with a withdrawal of funds (area hospitals help fund the show), the TV station buckled. As part of the deal, the MOH was to appear in my place (which he did and gave a lot of no animal diseases can be spread by host tissues). The audience (300+) turned and booed the MOH (who came to "monitor" me) and demanded an explanation - which they never got.

Anyway, I stayed in town and saw the show. The host explained that I wasn't allowed to appear but didn't mention the threats (I'm sure he wasn't allowed to do this) but did explain how angry he was about it all and shamed the station. The MOH followed up by saying that the TV station "had asked him, the most credible person," to come instead of me. He also said that my book was not credible (even though he hadn't read it) and suggested that people read one he was promoting. The host picked up his book and read the first page...."sponsored by Connaught, Merck, SmithKline Beecham, IAF Biovac..." (Nothing like unbiassed information, eh?). I have to give the host credit, he did all he could to try and get the information out there. I am sure there will be repercussions for his bravery.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this with you .... yet another example of the lengths officials will go to make sure the public remains uninformed. Censorship is alive and well in Ontario... and it is funded by the medical officer of health!

BTW - this was not a huge town and the audience had many members who experienced serious vaccine injuries. So much for the 1 in a million figure we are supposed to believe!