From Rev. Paul Lambert of B.A.S.I.C. Ministries, his letter to the CDC
and response from the CDC:

> 17 June 1999
> Robert F. Breiman, MD, Director
> National Vaccine Program Office
> CDC - Mailstop A-11
> 1600 Clifton Road, NE
> Atlanta, GA 30333
> Dr. Breiman,
> As loving and caring parents, my wife and I have long believed in and
> support the vaccination of our children. We understand the necessity for
> the vaccines and value the life-saving they have.
> Recently, it was brought to our attention that during the research,
> development, and manufacture of certain vaccines, tissues from aborted
> fetuses are used.
> We are Christians and find the practice of abortion to be in conflict
> with our beliefs. In fact, supporting the abortion industry by using
> vaccines developed by the use of aborted fetal tissue is unacceptable to
> us.
> Therefore we are making a request to you for information and
> or/alternative sources for vaccines developed without aborted fetal
> tissue. We EXPECT and DEMAND honesty in your reply.
> Please contact me via postal mail to have printed documentation of your
> answers for distribution to others who share our concern and position.
> On the CDC web site there was mention of the "anti-vaccine" movement. I
> do not consider my wife or myself to be in that group. We simply do not
> want to have our children vaccinated with any product that makes use of
> aborted fetal tissue.
> I am being honest and forthright with you by saying that if no
> alternative source of vaccine is available, that vaccine will not be
> given to our children. Any vaccine that has no aborted fetal tissue will
> be given to our children without hesitation.
> We appreciate your time and look forward to your response.
> Sincerely.
> Paul Lambert
> October 4, 1999
> Paul and Tracy Lambert
> Maylene, AL 35124
> Dear Mr. And Mrs. Lambert:
> Thank you for your letter concerning the use of aborted fetal tissue in
> vaccines. Human cell-line cultures are used during production of some
> vaccines such as varicella, rabies, inactivated polio virus, and
> hepatitis A. Some of these cell lines originated from fetal tissue
> obtained from legal abortions in the 1960s. The term "cell-line culture"
> refers to the substrate substance that is used for the propagation of a
> live virus that is used in the production of a viral vaccine. Fetal
> tissue has not been used to produce licensed vaccines. These tissues
> were used to establish cell cultures, and it is these established cell
> cultures that have been used to propagate virus. Since cell lines can be
> maintained indefinitely, no additional aborted fetuses have been used
> since the cell lines were initiated in the 1960s.
> The reasons for using fetal cell lines are: (1) fetal cells divide much
> more rapidly than adult cells, and (2) there is a safety advantage in
> using human, rather than animal, cell lines for development and
> manufacture of vaccines for humans. The decision to use fetal cell lines
> was scientific and did not imply support for abortions.
> Vaccines have been proven over the decades to be safe and effective. I
> am glad to know that you understand the necessity of vaccines and their
> value. I hope that, before making a final decision, you will discuss
> these cncerns with your child's medical provider.
> Sincerely,
> Robert Breiman, MD, Director
> Note: Mr. Breiman left out the MMR, Merck uses aborted human fetal
> tissue in that vaccine. Interesting comment about a safety advantage in
> using human rather then animal cell lines. They use monkey, chicken,
> pork, etc animal cell lines in vaccines. Also, he didn't mention the
> various additives such as formaldehyde, thimerosal, aluminum, gelatin,
> etc.