Steve Harris (SBH)

[SB Harris is a heavy weight Allopath flamer who tries to intimidate anyone not using the Allopathic hymn sheet, on newsgroups like  His bark is worse than his bite, bit like the Wizard of Oz, as Allopathy is built on shifting quicksand.]

Favourite words: COMMENT, You Moron!  Paranoid schizophrenic.

Steve Harris:
Possibly.  But people who do know me in life and also read me on the net say the opposite. Something like "Why are you so much more sarcastic in print than in life?"

My answer is that I don't have to deal with too many loons in meat-space, having purged all of them from my non-cyber life (thankfully none were blood relations, so this was possible). Here on the net, though, you meet raving nuts from all over. I'm of the opinion that those who sound initially sane but clearly are not, are helpfully pointed out like rattlesnakes on a trail.

Anonymous John thinks he knows more than an entire profession about everything the profession does. That kind of thing hasn't been possible for anybody in the hard sciences since the Enlightenment (for a good three centuries at least), and even in an applied science trade like medicine, it hasn't been possible at least since WWII. Worse still, John quotes from people who are even bigger megalomaniacs than he is. All seem to have that most basic problem of the subclass of the mentally ill who have personality disorders: they are liars without integrity.

John seems to be their representative in cyberspace. In the Matrix of Usenet he is a cyst full of noxious fluids, a boil full of puss, a giant gasbag full of hot air. I have a whole lab full of needles. I recommend the treatment of Becton and Dickinson here. You might not feel the #30 too much, but by the time we get to the #18, there will be a sliiight pinch....SBH

"How surprising to find that John@whale is a full-on paranoid schizophrenic, not just an odd bloke with a few fixed delusions about vaccines and medical subjects. Not."-- SBH