DATE: November 5, 1999

TO:  All Families Who Have Experienced Serious
Health Problems Following Hepatitis B Vaccinations

FROM: Barbara Loe Fisher
Co-Founder & President
National Vaccine Information Center

It is urgent that we identify as soon as possible all families with one
or more members who have experienced serious health problems following
hepatitis B  vaccinations. Critical research is being conducted by
independent non-government, non-industry scientists who are investigating
the biological mechanism for recombinant DNA hepatitis B vaccine-induced
injury and death as well as determining if there are identifiable risk
factors for predicting which individuals could be at high risk for suffering
reactions. This cutting-edge research will lead to a better understanding of
how and why so many individuals are being adversely affected by the
hepatitis B vaccine and if there are screening tests that can be performed
to identify high risk individuals.

Family Profile: We are looking for families in which:

1. Two or more biologically related family members received hepatitis B
vaccine and either (a) one member experienced severe health problems
following vaccination but the other(s) did not or (b) more than one member
experienced health problems;
2. Identical or fraternal twins received hepatitis B vaccine and either (a)
only one of the twins experienced severe health problems following
vaccination or (b) both twins experienced health problems;

Health Problems: We are looking for those families with one of more
member(s) who suffered three or more of the following symptoms within six
months following hepatitis B vaccination: persistent severe rashes or skin
lesions; intermittant, unexplained fevers; severe headaches; severe joint
pain; persistent muscle weakness; tingling/numbness in fingers, arms, legs
and feet; vision loss/disturbances; hearing loss/disturbances; debilitating
fatigue; short term memory loss; seizures/convulsions; attention span loss;
liver enzyme elevation; gastrointestinal disturbances; hair loss;
autoantibodies against myelin associated proteins; adenopathy; tacycardia;
eosinophilia and thrombocytopenia; bone marrow development disorders or
worsening of the following pre-existing conditions: lupus, multiple
sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis or autoimmune thyroid conditions (Grave's

Questionnaire To Be Returned: If you are a member of a family with one or
more biologically related members, who received hepatitis B vaccine and
suffered three or more of the above listed symptoms, please e-mail us so we
can send you a questionnaire as soon as possible. All information remains
confidential and will be viewed only by the scientists conducting the
research and will not be viewed by any other third party without your prior
written informed consent.
Karin Schumacher
Vaccine Information & Awareness (VIA)
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619-484-1187 (fax)
via@access1.net (email)
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