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Hep A from vaccine

[Media Japan, Feb 2003] Side effects of influenza vaccines kill seven in two years

Furmanski M.  Unlicensed vaccines and bioweapon defense in World War II. JAMA. 1999 Sep 1;282(9):822. No abstract available.PMID: 10478686; UI: 99405791.   
In a letter to the editor, Dr. Martin Furmanski of Newport Beach, California, notes that the use of unapproved vaccines for use against biological agents occurred long before Operation Desert Storm.  In 1942, the U.S. military vaccinated all active duty personnel against tetanus, typhoid, smallpox, and yellow fever. The vaccine for yellow fever had not yet been licensed for civilian use and a Food and Drug Administration version would not be available for more than a decade; however, the military decided to use the vaccine anyway in response to the Imperial Japanese Army's attempts to develop biological weapons.  Despite the fact that the 1942 yellow fever vaccine had been reported to possibly cause jaundice after inoculation, the vaccinations began.  The yellow fever vaccine used human serum, some lots of which were contaminated with hepatitis B.  The result of the mass inoculation with the yellow fever vaccine was the largest point source outbreak of hepatitis B ever recorded.  The hepatitis B outbreak began in March 1942, and yellow fever vaccinations ended in April 1942.  Serologic investigation of those inoculated found 330,000 people infected after the vaccination program.  A similar use of unlicensed vaccines almost occurred in 1944.  The U.S. government considered vaccinating the entire D-Day assault force with botulinum toxoid following an erroneous report of Nazi weapons using botulinum toxin, but the U.S. Army Surgeon General refused to let the unapproved vaccination be used.

The largest outbreak of hepatitis B in the U.S. occurred in 1942 in military
personnel who were given vaccine to protect them from yellow fever. It was
unknown at the time that this vaccine contained a human blood component
which was contaminated with HBV. The outbreak caused 28,585 cases of
hepatitis B with jaundice. http://www.immunize.org/genr.d/quesfreq.htm

"In just the first six months of the war, there were not just seven vaccination deaths, but there were 62 deaths from yellow fever vaccine alone. The men received from 14 to 24 vaccinations of all varieties......The report of the US Secretary of War, Henry L. Simpson regarding the deaths from yellow fever "shots" reads in part: "RECENT ARMY EXPERIENCE WITH YELLOW FEVER VACCINE RESULTED IN 28,505 CASES OF HEPATITIS (disease of the liver) WITH 62 deaths, as of July 24, 1942."--Eleanor McBean

Ballinger AB, et al. Severe acute hepatitis B infection after vaccination. Lancet. 1994 Nov 5;344(8932):1292. No abstract available.PMID: 7734013; UI: 95057571

Chan RC, et al. Hepatitis and death following vaccination with yellow fever 17D-204 vaccine. Lancet 2001;358:121-122.
Died 8 to 11 days after vaccination

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Vilaseca J, Guardia J, Cuxart A, Clotet B, Martinez-Vazquez JM, Bernardo L, Masana L, Garcia-Vanrell G, Bacardi R.  [Granulomatous hepatitis. Etiologic study of 107 cases (author's transl)]Med Clin (Barc). 1979 Apr 10;72(7):272-5. Spanish.PMID: 459594 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

VAERS ID223511  Vaccination Date: 1977-06-17 Age17.0  YV vax
I feel this program is unfair. I was inocculated in boot camp with several of these vaccines. The problem lies upon the way it was administered. The use of an air injection gun was used to inocculate every one. If you were to flinch, the air gun would slice you open causing you to bleed. Then they would go right up to the next person and use the gun to inocculate him. Never once was the gun cleaned of the other persons blood. This has been confirmed as to the sorce of my contacting hepatitis-C. They didn't

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