I would be glad to share any information that I have regarding hep B reaction.

My son had a reaction to the hep B vaccine at 3 days old, had a 2nd shot at 2 months old and continued to scream uncontrollably for his entire existence until he had an aneurysm rupture when he was 4 months old. He died 3 times and was on life support. His aneurysm ruptured again 10 days later and he was given less than 24 hours to live. He survived by the grace of God and is a miracle in progress. We took him to San Francisco by air ambulance from Texas to the only doctor in the country who could do anything about the aneurysm so it wouldn't rupture again. It was going to be an 8 hour procedure, 9 doctors were in there with him and after 2 hours the main doctor doing the procedure came out and said, "well, we're done!! We can't explain it, but the aneurysm is GONE!"   We said that we could explain it since we were praying as hard as we knew how. They had to put in a shunt because of hydrocephalus due to the bleeding. He got over-shunted and this caused another bleed, this time on the opposite side of his brain. They decided to drain it with a tube and they got 5 ounces of bloody fluid from that insult to his brain. He had to have a feeding tube placed.

He was diagnosed with cortical blindness, has severe reflux, spasticity and all the related complications. He was born normal, healthy and the hep B vaccine that was mandatory did this to my little boy.

We found a wonderful attorney named Clifford Shoemaker from Virginia and his number and website are listed below. We found a doctor who did extensive testing and determined that my son did have a reaction to the hep B and the prolonged screaming caused intracranial pressure resulting in the rupture of a vessel. This doctor is in Houston and was very expensive.  We are doing hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments (we have had 129 treatments so far), cell therapy, NDT therapy, and a brain stimulation program. We have been told that my son will never amount to anything but we will NEVER give up. If anyone has any questions or anything that I can help with, please feel free to contact me through the list or privately. I am going to fight this legislation to change the laws on mandatory hep B.  We submitted written testimony to Congress to become a part of the official record when they had hearings on the hep B vaccine in May of 1999.  We will do whatever we can to help other children not have to be hurt by this very dangerous vaccine. Thanks so much for listening and I will help you anyway I can.

Sincerely, Tammy

Clifford Shoemaker and he is in Vienna, VA.  His number is 703-281-6395. He also has a website that has very good information. His website is www.attorneyaccess.net 

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