John P Heptonstall,

[2011 May] UK Government Documents on Aluminium in Vaccines by John Heptonstall

John P Heptonstall reply to Fombonne article - Pediatrics 2006 118(1): e139-e150

[July 2006] letter to the Guardian (London) which shows this latest Fombonne study is junk--Clifford Miller

[Letter BMJ 2000] Vaccination MYTHOLOGY

MMR vaccine VAERS reports 7 deaths per year (1990-1994):
"From July 1990 thro' April 1994, 5799 ADRs following MMR vaccination were reported to US Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS); including 3063 cases requiring emergency medical treatment, 616 hospitalisations, 309 who did not recover, 54 children left disabled and 30 deaths."--- John P Heptonstall