We have been using what is called Sequential Homeopathy for the past year and my son is well on the way to recovery.  He has taken homeopathic medicines made from all of the vaccines he has ever had during that time. 

I have always used homeopathy in our family but learned about sequential homeopathy from this yahoo list:

~ Karin

I am a homeopath from the UK, currently getting'legal' to practice in the
I have treated many kids in the past with vaccine damage and have found it
very helpful in many cases, brilliant in some and not good in others. There
are no guarantees. Every child is different and the remedy indicated will
differ in each case. The main job for the Homeopath is perceiving the
correct remedy.

The following site is from very well respected homeopaths who are very
experienced in this area.
Their site will have links to qualified, experienced practitioners in your


This site is from a famous homeopath in the Netherlands working in this

Best wishes


Amy Lansky's book is called Impossible Cure. I bought four copies I
pass them around and then get them back and pass them around again.