Six Reasons to Question Vaccinations--

by Walene James

1. Vaccinations are forced. For example, there are compulsory vaccination laws  in every state. If something is good it doesn't have to be forced.
2.  Vaccinations are toxins by definition.
3.  Vaccinations are indigenous to only one model of healthcare--the allopathic medical model--and its practitioner's  particular understanding of disease phenomena.
4.  Vaccinations are promoted by fear, guilt, and 'creative' statistics.
5.  Vaccinations are represented as safe and effective when evidence suggests they are neither.
6.  Vaccinations are aggressively pushed by public health departments and other government agencies as though they were a public health issue when they are not.   This is done to insure a high rate of compliance.

Ten Reasons to Just Say 'No' to Vaccinations

1.  Vaccinations are toxins by definition.
2.  Vaccinations are aggressively promoted by those who have a financial stake in their consumption.
3.  Vaccinations are promoted using fear, intimidation, and coercion.
4.  Vaccinations are big business.
5.  Vaccine manufacturers are nearly liability proof for their products.
6.  Vaccinations are not only forced upon us, but those who deny us the exercise of our free will refuse to take responsibility for the    consequences of their actions.
7.  Evidence suggests that vaccinations damage the immune system, the nervous system and the spirit-mind-body connection.
8.  Compulsory vaccinations ignore biochemical and psychospiritual individuality.
9.  Vaccinations are misrepresented by government agencies as a public health issue which they are not.
10. Vaccinations are heavily subsidized, heavily propagandized and can be seen as a wake-up call for us to see how we allow ourselves to be programmed by huge vested interests.

Walene James
Walene goes on to say:
Perhaps more important than anything else is for our group to consider the larger picture:   What lessons do we need to learn trying to stem the tide of coercion from an out-of-control medical-pharmaceutical industry and the Mass Mind that allows this?   How does understanding and working with the vaccination issue contribute to our maturation as spiritually aware and fully alive human beings?

Source: AVN List