Jennifer's story

A little about me
Wed Jan 26 17:13:51 2000

Hi everyone, I just want to post a little note about me in hopes of helping others cope with the unfortunate consequences of recieving the Hep B. vaccine. Prior to recieving the three doses, in 1995, I was a healthy, active, pain free 19 yr. old. The vaccine was recommended to me by both my Nursing instructors as well as my employer, so without question I took it. I didn't even think twice about side effects because I was assured by all it was harmless, now I beg to differ. After the second shot I began having pain in my left knee. I went to several doctors and had numerous tests done that were inconclusive but they still diagnosed me with a knee injury. Within days the pain and stiffness progressed throughout my body leaving me immobilized and bed bound for several weeks. Not knowing any connection with the Hep. B vaccine and it's numerous chronic side effects, I went ahead and had the third shot. My pain worsened, I saw many doctors, and had numerous tests. However, this time they thought I had rheumatoid arthritis.

I continued to go on like this suffering with pain. I eventually had to quit my job, because my knees were so stiff I couldn't bend my legs, resulting in many falls. I trusted my doctors and was confident they were helping me in getting better. I took their prescribed medicines, had their repeated blood tests, and went to physical therapy. Well, in conclusion I gained weight from the muscle relaxers and antideppressants, approx. 30 lbs. I developed a peptic ulcer from the Indocin, and it wasn't until my stomach was bleeding did I start to take things into my own hands. I started educating myself, began exercising again, changed my eating habits, all of which and more resulted in significant improvement. My new doctor diagnosed me within 1yr. of being his patient with FMS/CFS. I too am one of the luckier ones, and I am here and welcome anyone who wishes to talk about things.

It has been nearly 6 yrs. now and I still occasionally have flare ups but overall I am thankful I was able to make such significant improvements to help regain some of my life back. I too worry about my future,but with the love and support of my family, friends and others like me I am able to better cope with my new life.
I hope I have helped someone realize they are not alone, because I too have felt like that in the past and it was reassuring to find the kindness and caring of strangers like me.

Take Care to all, Jennifer

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