Vaccinations and Kidney Disorders
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Suzanne Humphries, MD, Internist and Nephrologist speaking on Polio at the Association of Natural Health Conference, November 2012.

[2012 March] Common vaccine ingredient implicated in NEJM article as causative in serious type of kidney disease By Suzanne Humphries, MD the plausible association between circulating cationic bovine (cow) serum albumin (BSA, a common vaccine ingredient) and a very difficult-to-treat form of kidney disease called idiopathic membranous nephropathy (IMN)

[2010 Feb] H1N1 shot blamed for Calgary woman's rare disorder  Her kidneys were shutting down. Doctors eventually diagnosed it as vasculitis, an inflammation that destroys blood vessels.

[2010 Feb] Dr Wakefield's Inquisitioners Have Their Day By  Dr Sherri Tenpenny   I have a friend in Maine who is a nephrologist. She consults on patients who need dialysis. Just by asking the question, "When was your last vaccine? she has found nine patients most with previously normal kidney function who developed acute renal failure within two to 28 days of the shot. All but one needed kidney dialysis.

"Sixty-two papers from 30 laboratories from around the world have reported SV40 in human tissues and tumors," he said. "It is very difficult to believe that all of these papers, all of the techniques used and all of the people around the world are wrong." ......One of the newest discoveries came from Dr. Jeffrey Kopp, an NIH scientist who reported finding SV40 in a high percentage of patients with kidney disease. The virus was also present, he said, in 60 percent of a new "collapsing" type of renal disease that was unknown before 1980 but has since increased rapidly in incidence."--Media

Katie GLAESER [Hepatitis B vaccine--kidney failure, seizures, vision loss,exhaustion, diag. serum sickness]

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Children with adverse effects from Hepatitis B vaccine