Leukemia, lymphoma & vaccines
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See: Leukemia (Drug induced) Mercury Amalgam, lymphoma & leukemia  Thimerosal, an organic mercury compound (DPT, Hib, Flu & Hep B vaccines) 

Cancer and vaccines

Acute leukemia started around 1940

[2011] Wrongly injected toddler fights leukaemia  A Hamilton toddler who was mistakenly injected with a vaccine to prevent cervical cancer when he was just six weeks old has developed a rare form of leukaemia.

[2015 June] Cervical cancer jab cost our girl her life  A CERVICAL cancer jab given to every 12-year-old girl in Britain has been linked to four deaths......The fatalities were among more than 8,000 reports of possible side-effects of the Cervarix vaccine, which was introduced as part of the routine immunisation programme in 2008....One report related to an existing tumour, one to a concurrent bacterial infection, one was death of a premature baby and one has a fatal outcome due to leukaemia

[2010 Jan] New Web Site Launched For Gardasil Victims  Another woman says her daughter came down with Hodgkins Lymphoma shortly after receiving a Gardasil shot and says, I have located approximately 20 others with the same circumstance.

[2009 June] A Marine's hard fight: leukemia and a smallpox vaccine infection

MMR & leukemia (letter)

[2009 April] How infection may spark leukaemia

[1959] Viruses & Cancer

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