[usenet 22 May 2005] vaccine safety -- collusion and destruction of data


As someone on the autism spectrum myself, self diagnosed with
Aspergers, and with a child who, at three years of age, was thought by
her GI specialist to be possibly autistic (she's not), I can't
believe that I have only just recently stumbled upon the vaccine
controversy. What a marvelous job the mainstream media has done with
ignoring this.

I made it through David Kirby's book Evidence of Harm. It was
difficult. I could only read a few pages at a time without shaking with
anger. I then took my child, sixteen years old now, to her
pediatrician, with a list a page long of symptoms she has or has had
consistent with mercury poisoning. He handed me the American Academy of
Pediatrics statement dated May 18, 2004, patted me on the head, said
not to worry, "she has no symptoms of mercury poisoning", and told
me she seems depressed and would probably do better if she took more of
an interest in her appearance.

When I got home I realized that the AAP statement he'd printed out
for me wasn't legible. Although all of the ads down the side of the
pages printed nicely, the last few words of each line of text were
missing. So I went immediately back to his office. I said to him "you
know, doctor, the information that I printed out for you, from the
Autism Research Institute, if you had wanted to read it, you would have
been able to. I can't read this print out that you gave me." He
apologized nicely and then we talked some more. I asked him if all of
the different websites I looked at, from all of the different sources
that described mercury poisoning symptoms were wrong.  He said no, but
that her symptoms were non-specific. Meaning, he said, that they could
be caused by other things. So then I asked him why we were testing for
those other things, but not testing for mercury levels. All he could do
was point to the AAP statement.

When I got home again I decided that I would send him a copy of the
Office of Special Counsel press release dated just two days later than
the May 18, 2004 AAP statement. The one calling for Congress to further
investigate evidence of collusion and data destruction.  Apparently
what research my child's pediatrician did into the matter stopped on
May 19. Or else, he didn't feel that I would be interested to know
that the OSC called for further investigation by Congress on May 20,

I have been following austim research somewhat since I was in college,
decades ago. I know that Bernard Rimland, of ARI, was commenting long
long ago about how odd it seemed that the government wasn't looking
into what seemed to him to be the more promising areas of research.
That, in so many words, it seemed almost as tho they didn't want to

But I have given up with expecting the mainstream media to cover this
story. Data disappears, studies are paid for with taxpayer dollars that
show an obvious and direct conflict of interest, and nothing is done
about any of this. It is all swept under the rug and forgotten. Imus
does a series of spots on his morning show last March, and then nothing
further. It seems as tho anyone who takes an interest in this story
looses interest inexplicably.  Even though nothing is done, and no one
is held accountable.

What I have decided is that Americans aren't going to care about any
of this until they realize they might have to be concerned about their
own children. The powers that be are so very concerned about the public
reaction to their vaccine program. I say it is time to hit them where
it hurts. I have taken to placing copies of the OSC press release on
Thimerosal in various public places. Public libraries, recreation
centers, daycare centers, health maintenance organizations, malls.  My
particular favorite site to leave copies is inside of baby changing
stations in public restrooms everywhere I go. (I call this my nuclear
option.) A copy of this document, the OSC press release on Thimerosal,
can be printed from this website:


I am also attaching a note at the end of each flier calling for other
people who have an interest or concerns about the matter to do the
same. As just one person, in just one place, I don't believe that my
actions will have much affect. That is why I am asking others to help

Please, please, PLEASE don't wait for this story to be covered in the
mainstream media. It won't be. There are too many dollars flowing in
from the pharmaceutical companies. And too many politicians getting too
much money from the pharmaceutical industry.  Perhaps there is nothing
to the story, and there is no connection. But the matter needs to be
looked at by independent parties. No more FDA and CDC and vaccine
makers saying "no causal link". Congress can not be allowed to
sweep this under the rug.

There are websites all over the internet. But it is only the people who
already know about this who look at them. Other people need to be told.
People who have young children who could have been affected, people who
have grandchildren who may have been affected. I am on the spectrum,
self diagnosed admittedly, but solidly on the spectrum, and I only
recently became aware of this controversy!  This won't be brought to
the attention of others on their television or radio programs. Please,
do what you can to help bring this to people's attention in your
local communities. Make some prints of the OSC press release on
Thimerosal dated May 20, 2004. Post them. Ten, twenty, thirty, whatever
you can do will help.