Daniel Marchini, M.D.

A French doctor of medicine, he is also a specialist in homeopathy. His thoughts on vaccination are reflected in his book: Source of Life, Homeopathy and Diet, in a chapter entitled: "Vaccinations and the Pasteurian Dogma or the Genesis of Allopathy". In it he writes that the work of Pasteur was based on the premise that the human body in its natural state was devoid of all germs and that all contamination always came from without, that is, the environment. During that same period, another researcher Antoine Bechamp demonstrated that bacteria formed an integral part of the human body and that their different forms could be observed.

He goes on to say that Pasteur defended the aseptic "virginity" of the human being as one vulnerable to being contaminated by his impure environment. This corresponded to the religious ideas of the day. However, Dr. Marchini points out, every physician or mother knows that when, for example, there is an epidemic of measles, and without any direct exposure, the illness still takes hold: "So, if the illness is only propagated between individuals, how does it appear in the first place?"

Based on the Pasteurian premise, he argues, there was no other recourse but to develop a defense weapon to protect the asepticity of the human body, and that was vaccination: "This technique should protect against infectious bacteria and viruses which threaten manís vital equilibrium."

"Since (the advent of vaccines).., entire populations and generations have been vaccinated against smallpox, and cases of fatal encephalitis and motor and mental handicaps have multiplied... Suddenly the World Health Organization (WHO) announced (in 1978) that smallpox had disappeared and the edict to vaccinate against it in France was set aside (in 1979)... In the following years cases of smallpox were officially reported. In truth, the illness had not disappeared, but the damage produced by the vaccine was of such importance and the legal reparations so costly (for law suits against the French State, since the vaccination was obligatory), that it became urgent to suppress this catastrophic vaccination and remove the Stateís accountability...

"Even though WHO recognized before 1978, September 28, 1972 to be exact, that smallpox had not been beaten by vaccinations but by medical treatment and isolation, the public and medical domains still believe that it was vaccination that beat smallpox. At the same time, a number of supposed voluntary vaccines were introduced into the population. Being non-obligatory removed the Stateís responsibility in cases of accidents. But this non-obligation was in word only... On one hand, by the absence of information available to parents and by the authoritative intervention of physicians in the field of childhood illnesses: whooping cough, measles, rubella... And on the other, by the fact that certain professions are required to be vaccinated, hepatitis B for medical personnel and typhoid A and B, as well as entrance into daycare and certain private schools is conditional upon these so called non-obligatory vaccines...

Dr. Marchini also asks a number of questions including:

1) Is vaccination a medical act?

No. By definition the subjects to be vaccinated are healthy, that is, they do not have the disease for which they were being treated.

2) Is vaccination a preventive act?

Yellow fever vaccine may give hepatitis B... hepatitis B vaccine may give AIDS... and, an eventual vaccine against AIDS will surely not give anyone the common cold! (is this a quote?)

"It has been shown that when a simple vaccine like measles is administered, the child experiences an important decline in his immune defenses which can last three to six weeks... This signature, this distress is exactly the same as that of a person with AIDS, the only difference being that the level of lymphocytes does not go up! It is possible to surmise that a series of immulogical shocks, repeated vaccines and boosters, progressively undermine the immune system... Adding to that poor diet, and on-going stress, the conditions are ripe for AIDS to appear...


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