Below is hard fact showing clearly what causes allergies - as set out in a letter this morning to the British Medical Journal.  Please feel free to circulate.

To ensure the terminology used is clear, "Adjuvants" and "excipients" are additives in vaccines.   Sensitisation means causing the body to become allergic - causing it in future to react to allergens.

Please note especially the Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use document about thiomersal - I attach a copy for convenience.

1500 people every year die in the UK from asthma and allergies.  Tens of thousands have their lives debilitated by it affecting their economic value.  4 million adults and 1.1 million children have asthma.  Many more have other allergies including life threatening allergies.

And all of this is before we factor in many other kinds of acute and chronic conditions also associated. 

This is vastly more than any harm from childhood diseases.  What this means on just this data, is that the risks of vaccinating vastly outweigh the benefits.  We would have nothing like the mortality, morbidity or cost to our health services from childhood diseases.  All the statistics show these were waning fast when vaccines were introduced.  So why are we vaccinating?

As submitted to the British Medical Journal this morning:-

Avoiding Adjuvants & Excipients Can Avoid Allergies
Clifford G. Miller,
Commercial lawyer, graduate physicist, former university lecturer in law

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Re: Avoiding Adjuvants & Excipients Can Avoid Allergies


Dear Sirs,

Preventing development of allergic disorders in children BMJ 2006;333:485 (2 September),

Regarding their ten minute consultation, it might assist Chantelle Anandan, research fellow and Aziz Sheikh, professor of primary care research and development, University of Edinburgh to investigate what causes the body to be in a condition in which it responds with a reaction to allergens. It is trite that allergens are not allergens if the body did not react to them. It is also trite that avoidance of the causes of sensitisation will avoid sensitisation.

Whilst there is very a little in the evidence-based literature, it is well-known in manufacturing circles that adjuvants cause allergies. As biotech company Biovant's CEO, Steve Simes said on the launch of their new adjuvant:-
"The problem with most adjuvants is that they can cause allergies," said Simes. "Ours might not be as potent as others, but it is safer."
By Val Brickates Kennedy, MarketWatch
Last Update: 3:45 PM ET Apr 24, 2006
Further, some excipients are also known to cause sensitisation reactions and hypersensitivity is a contraindication [2]

If, in preparation for the ten minute consultation, Chantelle Anandan and Aziz Sheikh would research the evidence base on the risk of serious adverse effects with the risks of avoidance of adjuvants and excipients as one of the causes of sensitisation, the decision on best practice is a simple one. Regrettably, their search will be difficult and tenacity is needed as I have found when reseaching these issues. As Dr Tom Jefferson said when head of the vaccine division of the Cochrane Collaboration and board member of the European Programme for Improved Vaccine Safety Surveillance Jefferson said [1] "There is some good research, but it is overwhelmed by the bad. . there was a "dearth" of sound studies on the risks and benefits.

But there is evidence. If they care to contact me I may be able to assist their searches. Contact details can be found here:-

[1] Vaccines expert warns studies are useless The Telegraph (London, England - Filed: 27/10/2002 - Lorraine Fraser - Accessed 10 Sept 2006)

[2] SPC & PL Wording for Use of Thiomersal in Medicinal Products With Regard to Sensitisation As Agreed by the Chmp in February 2006 - Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) CPMP/2612/99

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