My Insticts Tell Me Not To Vaccinate

This article submitted by Ginger on 11/15/98.
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My Husband and I decided not to vaccinate our second child. My daughter is now 2 1/2 and so far she's classified as normal. Atleast that is what the doctors tell me. I know we will not know the long term negative effects of these vaccines until she gets older. The fear is always in the back of our minds. When I was preganant w/ her, we started to read about the dangers of vaccinating. When she was born we did not want to vaccinate her but the pressures around us were too strong. I figured the doctors must know better than me. Well, now I know that is not true!
She went in every 2 mths to receive her shots and every time it was horrifying. She was borderline severe with most of the vaccines. She always ran high fevers,prolonged high pitched crying, swollen shot sites, lethargy, diarrhea, vomiting and restlessness. The MMR shot was our worst nightmare. I had such strong fellings not to do this particular one that morning and against my instincts, I gave them to her anyway. One week after the shot, she had all the symptoms I mentioned above. She had a fever of 104 which in the Docotrs eyes were normal because she always did. I remember that day so clearly, She was crying endlessly. Her fever escalated to 106.6 and it stayed there for a full 3 days. She could not hold any meds down because she vomited everything I gave her. She had high pitched crying all day. I held her close to me and she became real quite and still. As I rocked her, she passed out in my arms. I screamed for my husband and within a few minutes she came too with a huge wale. I started to call her doctor and she passed again. My husband then called 911. She came too and went completely limp in arms. She was like a rag doll. I held her and cried...... I really thought, at that moment, I was going
to lose her then and there. Then her eyes rolled back and she passed out for the 3rd time. I ran outside thinking it would help. The doctor was on the phone and told me to cancel 911 call. He said, "be prepared for convulsions, that is not uncommon at this point." He made me feel like I was over reacting. He said I could take her to the ER. He expalined what they would do to her and I decided to do it at home. I knew had I taken her I would have lost her. I gave her cold baths for 20 minutes on the hour for a full 24 hours.. I was instructed to keep her in the water until her lips would turn blue. That was awful for me. It brought her fever down to 104 but and hour later, we were at 106+ again. This lasted for 2 full days. She cried and cried and scratched herself so many times and so many places from being in pure agony. She stayed sick for a while after that. I had to take her to the hospital several times for blood tests. Ever since then, whenever she gets sick now, even with a minor cold she fevers 104+. I had wanted her to have a MRI done but they saw it unnecessary.
We have since had a baby boy. He is now 6 months old. We are not vaccinaitng at all. I have been to several different Docotrs and none of them will exempt him from the vaccines because my daughter did not suffer neurological damage. My best friend and I have started a support group for non-vaccinating parents. We are coming to find out that there are many who are not vaccinating. The only vaccine I wanted to do is Hib and tetanus but I can't bring myself to do it. I have read this story The 3rd story is similiar to mine and I'm afraid that would be me if I were to vaccinate him. My heart goes out to all parents, it's a choice that is so hard to make.-Ginger