CFS following MMR vaccine






>Just curious, Ben: how do you know these symptoms are the result of vaccinations?


Judging your comments, I gather that you must think that I am trying to put my health problems under some convenient umbrella. In some situations vaccine damage is vague; however, in my experience it was immediate.

I was preparing to leave for a foreign country, and was "required" to get 8 different vaccines/innoculations. Immediately following an MMR vaccine, I reacted severely. This included mild seizures, extreme joint pain, swelling, high fever, etc. From that time forth my health was a disaster.

So, I consider that to be fairly clear evidence. My doctor passed my experience off as a "rare reaction" to the MMR vaccination. Since my unfortunate encounter, I have discovered that it is not so rare. Events such as the one spoken of above are reported in the tens of thousands every year according to government VAERS statistics.

I also have spoken to more CFS/FMS patients than I can remember who had similar beginnings to their illness.

Sorry for the militant attitude but I feel strongly about the vaccines.

Hope that answers your question.


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