The MMR 10

Joan Campbell  MMR/MR UK group litigation back in 2004 the same year of the CDC fraud study on the MMR autism link. My Jack was one of the MMR10.  £15 million had been spent in legal aid fees up to that point, in preparing the case for trial. Less than £1 million was spent on the 28 expert witnesses who prepared their reports for the claimants. The rest went to the several firms of lawyers involved in representing the children. Not a penny went to the children themselves. When legal aid was withdrawn from the families the children were left alone to disentangle themselves from the complex legal web which could still prove financially disastrous for some of them in costs. [2006] ACCESS to JUSTICE.  MMR10 - IN EUROPE

Jennifer Horne Roberts' address for ‘the MMR10’ to Case Management Conference on 24th July 2006 in The High Court

We the ‘MMR10’ have written two books on our fight and with assessment of evidence in the case; the first in the UK courts, the second as the case goes before the European Court of Human Rights. A film is due to be made of this story.

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