Optic Neuritis and vaccination

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[NVIC June 14, 2006] Pencil Pushers Deny Vaccine/Optic Neuritis Link
Public health officials and medical doctors promoting forced use of use of hepatitis B, influenza, anthrax and smallpox vaccines in the military and civilian life have a vested interest in denying an association between vaccination and serious chronic diseases, such as MS.   Those determined to deny an association between vaccine induced inflammatory conditions in the body usually like to use retrospective, case controlled "studies" that look at old medical records. Using pencils and calculators to dismiss causal associations between vaccines and chronic diseases is easier than having to look at real live patients or study what happens to their blood, urine, eyes, brain, colons, etc. after vaccination.   The pathetic attempts by the pencil pushers to write off onset of brain and immune system dysfunction after vaccination in previously healthy people as just a "coincidence" will not wash. The people, whose lives have been ruined by doctors too proud to admit the harm being done, will not let them get away with it.

Package insert (Hep B)
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A patient is reported in whom bilateral optic neuritis developed following an influenza vaccination. From complete blindness (absence of light perception) in one eye, the patient's vision returned to normal following steroid treatment.

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