P only dangerous in DPT?

This article submitted by Alex on 7/15/99.
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Our son had a twenty minute seizure after his third DPT vaccine. The next morning his leg swelled from knee to hip and was extremely painful. Neither of these reactions was considered out of the ordinary! We decided not to give him any more vaccinations but when he was twenty four months, the doctor convinced me that he was not fully protected and needed the DT booster.
He told me that he would have reacted to the pertussis component of the DTP, and that the DT was perfectly safe... and I foolishly believed him!

Our son had three days of fever, diarrhoea, shingles(!), anorexia, and gradually lost his ability to speak and communicate with us. He started having staring spells and complex partial seizures.. He was virtually mute four months after this "safe" vaccine...and autistic behaviours emerged..

We have videos that prove that he was developing normally prior to this vaccine
but we are told that medical evidence does not support a causal link between
immunisation and vaccination...

However, I know there is... I do not need medical evidence to prove it!
But I do think that it is about time they did some research!!