Rabies vaccine adverse reactions

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The syndromes of Landry (1859) and of Guillain, Barre and Strohl (1916) differ clinically and pathologically, the latter a purely peripheral neuritis and the former a mixture of transverse myelitis and facial neuritis. Each can be caused by many different factors, including 1) direct infection by wild or attenuated rabies virus, 2) direct auto-sensitization by myelin antigens in the vaccine....

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Identification of the Negri bodies in the brain of an 8-year-old boy who died 8 days after a paralytic illness and 20 days after a dog bite, and who had received 9 injections of Semple's anti-rabies vaccine, provided evidence that he died of acute rabies encephalitis and not of post-vaccinal allergic encephalomyelitis. The Negri bodies in the human subject and those seen in the inoculated mouse differed in their morphological structure: the former consisted of a matrix of very fine granular material bearing larger granules or strands of higher electron-density resembling nucleic acids and representing products of host cell-virus interaction; and the latter showed better defined areas of granular matrix containing tubular, bullet-shaped and elongated forms of viral structures, and nucleocapsids or capsule-deficient cores, representing the virions, emerging from them. Fine structural examination of the patient's brain and of the inoculated mouse has provided evidence of the pleomorphism of the Negri bodies and the various stages of formation of viral material and virions in them, the animal alone showing the mature virions of rabies, and proving the infectivity of the Negri bodies of the human brain. (Emphasis added)

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Twenty-one cases of neuroparalytic accidents of rabies vaccination (with suckling mouse brain vaccine), 11 of them fatal, were observed, occurring predominantly in men; the mean age of the patients was 29 years. On the average, 13 doses of the vaccine were used. Only three patients received less than seven doses. The mean latent period was 14 days (range, 4 to 24 days). In 16 patients (76%), a Guillain-Barre syndrome occurred that was moderate in three, severe in seven, and fatal in six. Pathologically, this was shown to be a typical polyradiculoneuritis. Five patients had fatal involvement of the central nervous system. Three had an acute disseminated perivenous leukoencephalopathy, with concurrent rabies encephalitis in one case. One patient had a perivenous myeloradiculopathy and one a chronic encephalomyelopathy of six years' duration with demyelinating plaques in the periventricular white matter, cerebellum, and spinal cord. Since the reduction of postexposure rabies vaccination to seven doses, no new cases have been observed in Colombia.

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Development of neurologic complications after Semple rabies vaccine is closely linked to development of antibody to myelin basic protein (MBP). The portions of MBP against which the antibodies are directed were analyzed by enzyme immunoassay in sera and cerebrospinal fluid from 27 patients with vaccine complications. Most of the antibody was directed to regions of MBP peptides 45-89 and 90-170. There was no apparent correlation between antibody specificity for MBP peptides 1-44, 45-89 and 90-170 and the type of post-vaccinal neurologic complication. We conclude that the immunoglobulin repertoire in human B lymphocytes for responding to human MBP favors the portion of the MBP molecule containing residues 45-170.  PMID: 1688875, UI: 90131050

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Rabies vaccine

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I am a 48 yr old female and was bitten when I was about 8 yrs old...It is my understanding that the older form of rabies vaccine is the worst for causing neuro symptoms....I dont think I was ever the same afteer the vaccines (looking back everyone thought I was normal but I know now I was not . ...something was wrong with me but I had to break befor it was recognized...It started with obcessive compulsive behavior right after that(now I want you to know I am in a very emotionally balanced family...no problems..no stresses causing the symptoms) Then as I got older, I just didnt have as much energy as my peers...my legs gave out...I got fatigued so easily....was just so exausted...got weaker....just didnt feel like doing anything ....mentally I had ambition but that is as far as my ambition got....THen when I was 21, I had a host of problems related to the autonomic nervous system which no on e knew was the cause or understood......When I was 36, I literly felt like I was dying...body began to shut down and was sooooo weak..A fter going to 4 neurologist, I went to a major center and was diagnosed as having demylinating neurapathy with dysautonomia......not much they can do except treat the symptoms....as for me, I pray for a miracle and do the alternative treatment. It has been 10 yrs since my diagnosis and I am still here where as I thought Id be dead or at least in a wheel chair by now.....Let me know more about your situation...was so glad to have somone to talk to about this since it is never mentioned...Blessings to you this and all Christmas......Thanks



Rabies vaccine

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Has anyone ever had trouble with rabies vaccine? When I was 5yrs old (1976) I received the 23 rabie shots in my stomach for a severe facial dog bite. In 1993 I began having demyelination in my rt arm, also numb patches on all my limbs. Recent diagnosis is a immune mediated polyneurolpathy. She would like to call in CIDP but I no longer have any motor demyelination, it is all sensory related. Although I do have general progressive limb weakness in my upper extremities. ALso joint pain in my rt knee, hip, and rt thumb.

Was just wondering if anyone has any information regarding this. It would be very helpful for me. Thank you


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