Rabies quotes

''My alma mater was the first to recognize VAS in cats in 1991. The highly aggressive and deadly brosarcoma tumor was appearing between the shoulder blades, where the rabies vaccine was commonly injected. Veterinary students of ten years ago were taught to change the injection site for the rabies vaccination to a cat’s hind leg because a leg could be easily amputated if a VAS formed.
    Dogs can also get VAS at the vaccination site. Today, in a case of the tail wagging the dog, many veterinary schools are advocating that the rabies vaccination be given in the end of the tail. Problem solved? Not really.
    Fibrosarcoma is the most common VAS. Other tumor types include rhabdomyosarcoma, myxosarcoma, chondrosarcoma, malignant histiocytoma and undi erentiated sarcoma. These tumors are characterized as highly invasive, rapidly growing and malignant. Often the cancer spreads to the lungs and may spread to the regional lymph nodes as well. Villains In Vaccines By Dr. Deva Khalsa

"I took my two-year-old Rottweiler for rabies vaccination and the vanguard DHLPP now all of her organs are shutting down. They want me to put her to sleep. I should've never took her. I didn't know. Her temp is 105 she's paralyzed in her two front legs.  I wanted to update this post because around 1:05 PM they called me and told me that she went into cardiac arrest and died. They wanted me to put her to sleep and I refused. So I paid $200 for them to put an IV to give her anabiotic's but she didn't even last one hour. They said it's a coincidence that she happened to get sick after the shots and said my neighbors probably poisoned her.  She was fine before her vaccinations! Those shots killed her. I'm so broken hearted I love her soooo much." (June 2016)

"Central nervous system diseases other than polio continue in the U.S. and throughout the world: acute flaccid paralysis, chronic fatigue syndrome, encephalitis, meningitis, muscular sclerosis, and rarely in humans, rabies."--Jim West http://www.geocities.com/harpub/pol_all.htm

"The injection of puree of diseased brain tissue into the brains of dogs was the method preferred by Louis Pasteur to establish virus causality with the CNS disease, rabies. A recent, definitive biography of Pasteur finds him to be a most important publicist for germ theory, a crucial publicist for rabies virus causality, and that his rabies experiments were biased and unsupported by independent studies. (Gerald L. Geison, The Private Science Of Louis Pasteur, Princeton University Press (1995))."---Jim West  http://www.geocities.com/harpub/overview.htm

"Neurological events have been reported following administration of rabies vaccine of human diploid cell origin. These have included 3 cases of neurologic illness resembling Guillain Barré syndrome and a few other subacute central and peripheral nervous system disorders."---Rabies Vaccine Inactivated (Diploid Cell Origin), Dried

"Similar observations were made about the hyena dog, which was in 1989 threatened with extinction. Scientists vaccinated individual animals to protect them against rabies but more than a dozen packs then died within a year – of rabies. This happened even in areas where rabies had never been seen before. When researchers tried using a non-infectious form of the pathogen (to prevent the deaths of the remaining animals) all members of seven packs of dogs disappeared. And yet the rabies vaccine is now compulsory in many parts of the world. Is it not possible that it is the vaccine which is keeping this disease alive?"---- Dr Vernon Coleman MB http://www.vernoncoleman.com/vaccines.htm