Vaccinate the vaccinators 22 January 2005
Alan D Rees,
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Re: Vaccinate the vaccinators


Vaccinate the vaccinators.

Pro-vaccinators simply refuse to listen to victims, such as myself and refer to ludicrous statistical studies that are easily pulled to bits in commentaries like this one:  or  

They engage in endless theoretical debates at no personal risk. It is for this reason that I have turned to the courts:  

The courts will decide that in a legal sense the evidence that vaccines cause autism is overwhelming, as Clifford Miller has pointed out in his article on the unreliability of scientific papers as evidence:  

But even then there will be a problem, as long as talk is cheap and the pro-vaccinators risk nothing in asserting that vaccines are harmless.

They have put the lives of our children on the line. It is time for them to put their own lives on the line. I challenge them to let themselves be vaccinated. If they really believe in their studies and really think that vaccines are harmless and that I and all the other victims are victims only of our own imaginations, they should let me vaccinate them with all the childhood vaccines, the dose being adjusted to their body weights, assuming an average weight at vaccination of 5 kilos. They would then be exposed to the same risks as the infants they vaccinate. I have already made this offer to various people on a number of occasions, most recently in the BMJ  and had no takers. Nobody in the world seems willing to do it. Here is another challenge: Paul Offit says that children could tolerate 10,000 vaccines. Is anybody willing to do this, including Offit himself? Dr Salisbury is more modest: 1,000 vaccines are no problem at all. Here is my third challenge: is anyone willing to subject themselves to a thousand jabs, including Salisbury himself?

Is anybody in the world willing to accept any or all of these three vaccine challenges? Madsen? Smeeth? Adam Jacobs? Brian Deer? Anders Hviid? Brent Taylor? Anyone? Anyone at all? After all, thereís no danger is there? Itís safe, isnít it? You want to set a good example donít you? You want to allay our suspicions and put our fears to rest, donít you? Here is your opportunity! Let us all gather at the offices of the BMJ. You can then roll up your sleeves and letís see what happens to you after a few jabs.

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Alan Rees

Competing interests: Currently taking legal action on behalf of my vaccine-injured son