Hepatitis B Vaccination of Infants And Children:



Judith A. Reisman, Ph.D., The Institute for Media Education

Pedophile organizations (goups that work to legalize adult-child sex) have long campaigned for "A Child’s Sexual Bill of Rights," legalizing sex "with a parent, sibling or other responsible adult or child....[be] protected and aided....with contraceptives and aids to prevent venereal disease." While a government program to innoculate children’s bodies for use by sexually diseased adults seems maniacal, note the government mandated health policy demanding the delicate physiological systems of all healthy infants be vaccinated for hepatitis B--a sexually transmitted disease. Other "aids to prevent" men from infecting children with syphilis, gonorrhea and other "venereal disease" wait in the wings, with no scientific guarantee of how these potent chemicals effect the immune systems of millions of children long term. Instead of aggressively arresting and imprisoning child sex criminals, is the government making children physically "safe" for pedophiles? Absent significant trauma to vagina and/or rectum such STD vaccinations will allow sex abuse of infants and children to go undetected. Responsible scholars are required to ask, are pro-pedophile pediatric authorities (e.g., Johns Hopkins’ Dr. John Money) behind the perilous universal vaccinations of infants and children for "hep B" and other sexually transmitted diseases?


Absent public vote, in 1991 anonymous health bureaucrats initiated "aids to prevent [hepatitis B] venereal disease" for all American newborns. By April 1998, 35 USA states reported that they had "hepB childhood vaccination mandates" with the CDC declaring that 80% plus of American infants and children, ages 19-35 months had received hepatitis B shots. There is no evidence to suggest that the parents of these children were told that a) hepatitis B is a sexually transmitted disease resulting from promiscuous homo/heterosexual conduct as well as commonly sex-related IV drug use or b) that such universal vaccinations are experimental. While the July 31, 1998 Science magazine finally noted hepatitis B vaccine as in dispute for triggering "MS-like symptoms" the Science report concealed that 12-hour old neonates have been the primary target for these experimental hepatitis B vaccinations.


Fgure 1: Science Magazine, July 31, 1998; Childhood STD vaccination cover-up?


Critics blame the widely used vaccine for many ills....Concern about the vaccine appeared early in France....[with] data on more than 600 cases of illnesses, many with MS-like symptoms in people who had received the hepatitis B vaccine. In addition, patient advocacy groups in Britain and Canada have studied more than 100 cases each, as has ....Bonnie Dunbar, a molecular biologist at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston.....[who] is motivated by personal experience: Her brother developed immune problems that she believes were triggered by the hepatitis B shots he had to get when he became a health care worker. Dunbar says that when she began investigating, she found that other medical colleagues had experienced or knew about such reactions. One nurse, for example, attributed a dozen cases of MS to vaccination....A grant application [she and another "hepatitis virus expert"] submitted to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has been turned down twice...."


If hepatitis B vaccine is largely an experimental sex/drug prophylactic (addressed further on), why is there a government mandate for infant and child injections? American parents trust the state’s claims--via the American Pediatric Association and the Centers for Disease Control--that such vaccinations were both necessary and safe. This paper asks if public trust has been violated and seeks an investigation of pedophile infiltration at the highest levels of pediatric health administration. It is not to be forgotten that Dr. John Money, professor emeritus at Johns Hopkins hospital, one of the most respected names in pediatric medicine was recently "outed" in his Journal of Paedophilia interview, demanding an end to age of consent laws, adult-child sex at all ages, and pushing for pedophile rights, even were crimes necessary.

From 1952 to 1954, with thousands of innocent children afflicted by polio and the public helpless to prevent random infection, the widely tested Salk polio vaccine was nationally distributed after which parents gratefully saw a dramatic reduction in childhood polio. Although decades later some toxic fallout from certain forms of the polio vaccine are identified, the sight of these paralyzed and dying children made the risks of universal polio vaccinations appear unavoidable and worthwhile. Other vaccines have followed in the wake of the polio success and although the DPT shots now commonly given to small children have occasionally caused severe harm, even fatalities, parents generally risk DPT vaccinations as a means of protecting their children from what they consider life-threatening childhood illnesses.

The following analysis briefly contexts the radical change in views of what constitutes childhood disease, changes in American attitudes and law and hepatitis B.

In 1991 the Centers for Disease Control and the American Academy of Pediatrics called for infant and childhood hepatitis B vaccinations. Why? While some health care workers are at risk from infection via needle pricks and the like, as noted in Figure 3 on the following page, unless infected by the birth mother hepatitis B is rarely found in children. Governmental justifications for imperiling the health of all healthy American newborns as a means of protecting a largely antisocial adult sex and drug subculture is without historical or scientific precedent. This treatment of newborns resulted from the liberalization of prior American sex "hygiene" laws which had viewed ones sexual habits as a subject for public accountability.

This view was replaced, as noted by Princeton historian David Allyn, with the view of "private" sexual "rights"--all sex conduct as legitimate--based on Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey’s books, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male (1948) and Female (1953). Kinsey, said Allyn, liberated us from allegedly misguided laws in which private sexual conduct was thought to impact public health after which, notes Allyn, Kinsey’s sex data steered the American Law Institute’s (ALI) model penal code toward demolition of traditionally conservative American views of public morals.

The American Law Institute’s model penal code…proposed a major reconstruction of the law of sexual behavior….[based on] the Kinsey Reports….by privatizing most moral questions … [distinguishing] between public and private sexual expression, which ….drew on the work of Alfred Kinsey….call[ing] into question the very legitimacy of public morality itself….none of Kinsey’s critics ever noticed the….systematic exclusion of public sexuality from [his Reports]….[Said ALI author] Manfred Guttmacher "Kinsey’s findings were the points by which we steered…."

The historical ALI reliance on Dr. Kinsey as the authority for turning society toward a view of sex as a private and not a public issue is noted here for those seeking further answers regarding the justification of the childhood hepatitis B vaccination program. As the author of Kinsey, Sex and Fraud (Reisman et al., 1990) and Kinsey, Crimes and Consequences (Reisman, 1998), I documented Dr. Kinsey’s illegal and reliance on pedophiles to sexually experiment on infants and small children for his two reports. New evidence finds Kinsey and his male staff to be sexually compromised as bi/homosexual adulterers, with Kinsey a ritual sadistic and masochistic sex and pornography addict who engaged in massive fraud as a means of normalizing certifiably pathological human sexual conduct.


Figure 2: Morbidity & Mortality


Outcomes of Kinsey’s claim to have proven that "private" sexual conduct does not harm society are manifest in escalating out of wedlock births, STD’s, AIDS, divorce, adultery, impotence, violent crime including rape of women and small children by adults and juveniles, and the like. Added outcomes are visible in toxic increases of venereal diseases, from syphilis and gonorrhea pre-Kinsey to over 25 new varieties, including genital herpes, hepatitis B, etc., post-Kinsey. Once pre-marital sex became legal promiscuity became common. The commonality of promiscuity then justified the Centers for Disease Control and the American Academy of Pediatrics insistence on universal vaccinations of newborn babies and children for hepatitis B. This universal vaccination demand by medical and pediatric experts was made absent scientific evidence for its efficacy or safety. Why did they and normally cautious and concerned parents accept this invasive pediatric medical procedure?

As noted, like AIDS, hepatitis B results from sexual conduct via semen, blood and saliva, multiple partners, anal/oral sodomy and/or infected needles. As with AIDS public health laws were radically liberalized to define as "private" what was, seen (pre Kinsey) as criminal sexual conduct undermining "public morality" (fornication. adultery, public sex, sodomy, prostitution, etc.), all of which were historically known to facilitate the spread of sexually contagious diseases and other social disorders.


Figure 3 reports on STD’s such as gonorrhea among children (8,079) known to commonly signal child sex abuse. But so too would hepatitis B (293) up to 14 years (Health and Human Services, 1995) signal child sex abuse. Instead of swiftly prosecuting child sex predators, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Center for Disease Control urge American hospitals to vaccinate healthy infants of monogamous parents at birth for an adult STD common to a small, outlaw child abuse sub culture. By 1994 most states silently-- absent heated public debate--implemented hepatitis B vaccinations for neonates, often within 12 hours of birth born to uninfected mothers.

Figure 3: 1995 293 Cases in USA Children Under 14

In Figure 3 above, Health and Human Services Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report cites 81 children under five and 212 children up to 14 with hepatitis B. Pre-1991 data in this report appear for adults but not children. In an additional violation of standard scientific protocol no data on the percentage of the 81 infants infected by their mothers at birth are published here.

Moreover, the HHS 212 children are not shown as ages 5-8 or 5-10 but rather ages 5-14--a misleadingly broad age spread for data relating children to sex, especially as gender demographics for the 212 children are missing. And while 18 or 19 (not 24) is the normal cutoff for childhood disease, 14-18 is the more common age for homosexual and heterosexual experimentation and thus for all children’s STD’s than the HHS chart of up to age 14. In their widely popular second edition of Nutritional Healing, Balach and Balach (1997) reported that roughly "85 percent of gay men are infected with hepatitis B." To the point of child sexual abuse, the mainstream homosexual journal, The Advocate writes of hepatitis B "over 26% of the boys in the study had it" (1990) while 59% of boys 13-21 with AIDS were largely child sex victims, infected by "homosexual/bisexual males" and some male homosexual intravenous drug users. An irate homosexual spokesman reported:

Gay boys and straight girls who are having sex for money, shelter, love--they are at risk.... Gay men view these boys as recreational toys to be used. I have heard many stories of HIV-positive men having unprotected sex with boys. They don't think it matters.

With no recorded cases of hepatitis B among chaste infants and children of commonly healthy mothers, the question looms large as to why most states now mandate or coerce parents into vaccinating their infants and children with a serum created largely for prostitutes and promiscuous male homosexuals.

Who in the USA ethically experimented on a mass healthy infant/child test population? What scientific evidence justifies exposing children of healthy mothers to hepatitis B vaccinations? Were healthy neonates test subjects for the hepatitis B vaccine? Did thousands of middle American parents give informed consent to having their infants injected within 12-hours of birth with an unproven medical prophylactic for venereal disease and I.V. drug use? If so, who did these tests under what control conditions? Who followed the test babies post vaccination to assure no harm?

Were the children followed for 10, 20, 30, 50 years, compared to a similar control group proving no untoward neurological, behavioral or reproductive results? Such would have been the science necessary to prove an experimental vaccine. Since common sense suggests that normal parents do not subject their infants to an unknown experimental protocol for a childhood sexual prophylactic, how and where was the proper experimental child population obtained? As hepatitis B vaccination en masse began in 1991, with non-speaking babies where harm cannot be separated out from other causal trauma, the vaccine's short and long term effects on mass infant and child vaccination populations are unknown. Where are the children tested so that the tests may be validated and replicated?

No such long term (60 year) mass neonate test program with detailed reporting and follow-up on each child is cited as carried out in the USA. Although increased rates of MS, asthma, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Attention Deficit Disorders and other afflictions have been implicated in hepatitis B vaccinations, its gross and subtle effects on injected children will not be known for many, many decades--if ever. Still, millions of infants are being injected, allegedly for their own good, with a sexual prophylactic, toxic in its natural form. Who are these injections designed to protect'?

Pre AIDS, all contagious persons were quarantined (measles, mumps, tuberculosis, STDs) their sexual partners traced, treated and also isolated if need be. Until the sexual revolution resulted in "privacy" protections for AIDS carriers, vaccinating children to safeguard a group’s sexual deviancy was impossible. On point, homosexual activist Randy Shilts, in And The Band Played On, (1988) noted some radicals argued AIDS carriers could be blood donors since an AIDS cure would only be found were AIDS rampant among heterosexuals (indeed it remains legal for an AIDS carrier to try to contribute blood).

In this regard, a child injected with hepatitis B vaccine, like AIDS, will test positive for the rest of the child’s life. Some critics charge millions of children are being vaccinated with hepatitis B as a subterfuge to normalize the injurious conduct of bi/homosexuals, prostitutes and drug users. While it sounds too outrageous, the charge may not be wholly unfair.

Others have asked if pecuniary gain is involved and it is fair to say that the now mandated vaccination is highly profitable for the drug industry. According to the National Vaccine Information Center, a three-dose hepatitis B series costs at least $120 per baby, useless after ages 5 to 12 when children need "boosters" to begin the artificial process again. So whose life--or life-style--is the CDC protecting, critics ask, by vaccinating infants en masse with hepatitis B vaccine? Is a vaccine for a largely sexually transmitted disease with no record of normal childhood infectivity being injected into infants as a method of protecting the "private" passions of social psychopaths? How many of the 212 children with hepatitis B are infants born to infected moms, or boys criminally infected by men? As noted, in the latter case, instead of arresting sex predators, will state vaccinations of children trivialize adult sex abuse--which too often results in pediatric AIDS? Is childhood AIDS actually a sexualized form of child homicide?


In "Universal Hepatitis B Vaccinations" (Wisconsin Medical Journal, March 1996) Dr. Burton Waisbren notes the unscientific basis of this new vaccination procedure. He reports that the real costs "in the cases of the hepatitis B vaccinations are unknown." Based on prior experience he observes that some untoward reactions "will occur."


The question worth asking is: Does a baby, born of stable parents in a good environment, have enough chance of getting hepatitis B to warrant subjecting it to an unknown danger.9 For instance, in Wisconsin there are many counties where hepatitis B has not been reported in years....First, there is an increasing number of reports in the refereed medical literature about demyelinizing diseases occurring after an individual has received the hepatitis B vaccination....Second, since the hepatitis B virus has been reported to cause autoimmune problems, should we not be wary of giving antigens that seem to have triggered these problems? Third, Fujinami has shown....hepatitis B virus, when given with an adjuvant, can cause the experimental equivalent of multiple sclerosis in rabbits, experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (EAE)....presumed to be in the vaccine.

Fourth, in a perusal of 1 000 cases of adverse events reported after the hepatitis B vaccine that were obtained from the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting Systems VAERS through the Freedom of Information Act, there were eight cases of multiple sclerosis, 27 cases of Guillain-Barre' Syndrome, nine cases of optic meuritis, and two cases of meningoencephalitis found [by all appearances] related to the hepatitis B vaccine received.

Dr. Waisbren asks if the fact that hepatitis B infected mothers pass the disease to their babies justifies: "giving a vaccine that can be expected to have untoward reactions to babies who have little or no chance of getting the disease?" Dr. Waisbren notes that manufacturers must document the vaccine safety by proper studies so that "untoward reactions can finally be determined."


Only when these requirements are met should we consider subjecting babies to an unknown danger in order to try to solve what is essentially a problem of public health, ie, the failure of present methods which are directed at un-cooperative individuals to control hepatitis B in the United States.

It follows that universal vaccinations are not in place based on scientific evidence. The following information from the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), a nonprofit organization informing the public on diseases and vaccines, works to prevent vaccine injuries and deaths through education. The NVIC reports "Most people who get hepatitis B do not have to be hospitalized and 90 percent of all patients recover completely and have permanent immunity to the disease." NVIC notes who is at risk:

High risk groups include needle using drug addicts; prostitutes; sexually promiscuous homosexual and heterosexual persons; prisoners and other institutionalized persons; health care professionals exposed to blood; those who receive blood transfusions or who are on hemodialysis and babies born to mothers infected with hepatitis B virus... The first hepatitis B vaccines were made using virus isolated from the blood of humans infected with hepatitis B disease. In the 1980's, a genetically engineered hepatitis B vaccine was created using a portion of the hepatitis B virus gene cloned into yeast.

The NVIC states in "Reactions to Hepatitis B Vaccine:"

A study cited by a hepatitis B vaccine manufacturer... reported following ~5 to 17 percent of all hepatitis B injections fatigue and weakness; headache; fever of more than 100 F.; nausea; diarrhea; throat and upper respiratory infections; arthritis including joint, back, neck and shoulder pain and swollen lymph nodes. Severe reactions which have been reported included brain and immune system dysfunction.

* * *

In 1994, the Institute of Medicine National Academy of Sciences reported that there is compelling scientific evidence to conclude that the hepatitis B vaccine can cause shock that can end in death. Because either no studies, or too few studies have ever been conducted to investigate hepatitis B vaccine reactions a determination could not be made as to whether or not hepatitis B vaccine causes Guillain-Barre syndrome; central demyelinating diseases of the brain such as transverse myelitis, optic neuritis or multiple sclerosis; acute or chronic arthritis or sudden infant death syndrome.

One vaccine manufacturer notes that "an apparent hypersensitivity syndrome (serum-sickness-like) of delayed onset has been reported days to weeks after vaccination including arthralgia/arthritis (usually transient) fever and dermatologic reactions.

Moreover, re: "Protection of the Vaccine:"

A hepatitis B vaccine manufacturer states that "the duration of protective effect is unknown at present and the need for booster doses is not yet defined." There is concern among some scientists that babies and children vaccinated

Post-Kinsey sex laws rejected the traditional American understanding of chastity and fidelity as national public health imperatives. with the hepatitis B will have waning immunity as adults when they would be more likely to engage in the kind of high risk behavior that puts a person at risk for hepatitis B disease. [Emphasis added].


Finally, in her speech before the Illinois Board of Health Hearing on Immunization Rules on March 26, 1998, NVIC President Barbara Fisher reported that hepatitis B is not highly contagious, with no infection reported from tooth brushes or other casual contact. All doctors know, she said, that "only natural recovery from disease provides permanent immunity." Fisher described what is reasonably defined as Gestapo-style coercion and threats of State removal of children from recalcitrant parents who refused State mandated hepatitis B vaccinations. At the hearing, Fisher cited State violations of the Nuremberg laws, the American Constitution and the US Supreme Court rulings on forced vaccinations, concluding with the following tragic story:

There is a six year old girl named Katherine lying in a bed in Skokie, Illinois unable to lift her head off her pillow or walk to the bathroom. Just 13 weeks ago, Katherine was an ice skater with boundless energy and a dream of going to the Olympics. Her mother didn't want her to get the hepatitis B shot but her pediatrician told her it was a political issue like AIDS and the AAP was going to mandate the vaccine soon. Katherine got that hepatitis B shot and now she may never skate again.

Where were her informed consent rights? And where will the doctors from the State health department and the CDC and the AAP be when her mother has to carry her up the stairs to the bathroom? And will the State of Illinois pay her medical bills when her insurance runs out after DHHS and the Justice Department oppose giving her federal compensation?

We as parents, who know and love our children better than anyone else, we, by U.S. law and a larger moral imperative are the guardians of our children until they are old enough to make life and death decisions for themselves. We are responsible for their welfare and we are the ones who hear the grief and the burden when they are injured or die from any cause. We are their voice and by all that is right in this great country of ours and in the moral universe, we should be allowed to make a rational informed voluntary decision about which diseases and which vaccines we are willing to risk their lives for without fearing retribution from doctors employed by the State.


The intrusive program of school "contraceptives and aids to prevent venereal disease" for newborn babies dovetails with the US Department of Education’s reliance on Kinsey’s fraudulent child sexuality data for sex education. The fraudulent Kinsey claims have triggered premature sexual conduct and subsequent STD’s among children and adults. The intrusive state child sexual prophylactic program also dovetails with the US Department of Justice and the FCC tolerance of children’s exposure to pornographic public entertainment in music, film, video, print and Internet. For, child protection professionals should know pornography victimizes more children than does hepatitis B. State mandated infant and child STD vaccinations, in my view, increasingly undermines children’s innocence and safety as well as the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of American children and their parents. Injecting the nation's children with hepatitis B vaccine is the loudest wake up call yet to what is arguably a naive and too trusting public, signaling what appears to be a pedophile infested federal bureaucracy manifestly cynical and corrupt.

In conclusion, while children of hepatitis B mothers or those who are in constant interaction with potentially contaminated blood-borne products should perhaps be treated for the disease, injecting every little Tom Sawyer and Becky raises questions of state mandated child abuse and uninformed consent to human experimentation. Legislative interference with this program of state mandated sexual prophylactics for infants and children is overdue. The program is unscientific, fraught with physical and emotional danger for children and doubtless wholly illegal. The spectre of highly placed elite pedophiles having unduly influenced the pediatric and public health communities is not without merit as we conclude with the demand from "responsible pedophiles" for "A Child’s Sexual Bill of Rights" demaning that sex "with a parent, sibling or other responsible adult or child....[be] protected and aided....with contraceptives and aids to prevent venereal disease."


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