Letter to Vaccination Inquirer Volume 5

76, Wimpole-street, London, Sept. 4, 1883.

My Dear Mr. White,—The early History of my Opposition to Vaccination is, briefly, this:

—I had not considered Vaccination a question; but practised it when required. About 1865 the Countess do Noailles assailed my conscience on the subject, and her earnestness forced rue to study it. She was backed by the late Mrs. Gibbs, then Miss Griffiths. Through Miss Griffiths I sent the following message to Madame do Noailles :—" Tell her Ladyship that the question is comparatively unimportant. If Vaccination be an evil, to cleanse Society of it is like cleaning the nails of a totally ingrained man, and. leaving the rest of him like pitch." I also wrote to Madame that the only short way of getting rid of the Medical vested interest was by paying half a million or a million of money down to the Profession, and buying the slaves, the people, out, as the West Indian Blacks were bought out.

After studies extending over eighteen years have convinced me that I was wrong in my estimate of the smallness of the Vaccination question compared with other Evils. As forced upon every British Cradle, I see it as a Monster instead of a Poisonous Midge; a Devourer of Nations. As a Destroyer of the Honesty and Humanity of Medicine, which is through it a deeply-degraded Profession. As a Tyrant which is the Parent of a brood of Tyrants, and. through Pasteur and his like a Universal Pollution Master. As a Ghoul which sits upon Parliament, and enforces Contamination by Law, and prepares the way for endless violations of personal liberty and sound sense at the bidding of cruel experts. Not denying other forms of Social Wickedness, I now, after careful study, regard Vaccination as one of the greatest and deepest forms, abolishing the last hope and resort of races, the new-born soundness of the Human Body. Yours very faithfully, GARTH WILKINSON [1883-1884 Book] Vaccination Inquirer Volume 5 April 1883 to March 1884 p.150