It often happens that the universal belief of one age - a belief which no one was, not without an extraordinary effort of genius and courage could, at that time be free - becomes to a subsequent age se palpable an absurdity that the only difficulty, then, is to imagine how such a thing can ever have appeared credible.---John Stuart Mill.

From its inception down to the present time vaccination has been denounced as dangerous, disease producing and even deadly, by all thinking doctors who have investigated the facts and have had the courage to voice them.

A few of these published statements from prominent doctors are presented here:

From Dr. Alexander Wilder, Editor of the New Yolk Medical Times, Professor of Pathology in the United States Medical College of New York and author of WILDER'S HISTORY OF MEDICINE, we have this observation:

"Vaccination is the infusion of contaminating element into the system, and after such contamination you can never be sure of regaining the former purity of the body. Consumption follows in the wake of vaccination as certainly as effect follows cause."

Dr. Walter M. James of Philadelphia says:

"Vaccination does not stay the spread of smallpox nor even modify it in those who get it after vaccination. It does introduce into the system, and therefore contributes to the spread of, tuberculosis, cancer and even leprosy. It tends to make more virulent epidemics of smallpox and to make them more extensive. It does just what inoculation did - cause the spread of disease."

Dr. Kalb, Royal Examiner of Statistics for Bavaria, states:

"Examination shows vaccination a complete failure. In this single year, 3,994 vaccinated people died of smallpox; the total number attacked exceeded 29,000." (All were vaccinated.)

Dr. L Hall Bakewell, Vaccinator General of Trinidad said:

"I have very little faith in Vaccination even as modifying the disease, and none at all as a protective in virulent epidemics. Personally, I contracted smallpox less than six months after a most severe re-vaccination."

This doctor was in the vaccination business; his livelihood depended on it and he wanted to believe in it. In Trinidad where vaccination was compulsory he had ample opportunity to observe the full effects of it on a large scale, yet he voluntarily denounced the practice as a failure.

Dr. L C. Carter of London reports:

"In looking over the history of vaccination for smallpox, I am amazed to learn of the terrible deaths from vaccination, amputations of arms and leg., foot and mouth disease, tetanus (lockjaw), septicemia (bood poisoning), cerebro-spinal meningitis."

Dr. J. C. Ward M.R.C.S. at Harrogate, (England) among many others confesses to a change of heart on the vaccination question in this statement:

"I believed that vaccination prevented smallpox. I believed that if it did not absolutely prevent it in every case, it modified the disease in some cases, and I believed that re-vaccination, if only frequent enough, gave absolute immunity. Experience has driven all that out of my head; I have seen vaccinated persons get smallpox, and persons who had been vaccinated get smallpox, and I have seen those who had had smallpox get it a second time and die of it."

Professor Adolf Vogt, who held the chair of vital Statistics and Hygiene in Berne University for 17 years said:

"After collecting the particulars of 400,000 cases of small pox I am compelled to admit that my belief in vaccination is absolutely destroyed."

Dr. Charles E. Page of Boston said:

"I have been a regular practitioner of medicine in Boston for 33 years. I have studied the question of vaccination conscientiously for 45 years. As for vaccination as a preventative of disease, there is not a scrap of evidence in its favor. Injection of virus into the pure bloodstream of the people does not prevent Smallpox. Rather, it tends to increase its epidemics and makes the disease more deadly. Of this we have indisputable proof. In our country (U.S.) cancer mortality has increased from 9 per 100,000 to 80 per 100,000 or fully 900 per cent increase, within the past 50 years, and no conceivable thing could have caused this but the universal blood poisoning now existing."

Dr. Forbes Laurie says:

"I can add my testimony to the others . . . that vaccination contributes to the great increase in cancer.



Hon. Percival P. Baxter, Governor of Maine (1924) stated:

"Personally I have grave doubts as to the efficacy of modern serums and vaccines and am convinced that commercialism has exercised a considerable influence upon some phases of modem medicine."

Dr. William Howard Hay of Buffalo, New York said:

"We have no proof of the boasted effectiveness of any form of anti-toxin, vaccine or serum. The true figures on vaccination for smallpox have never gotten before the public, though they can be seen in the files of the various departments of the Army as well as the government, if one cares to look for them. If the record of vaccination in the Philippines alone were ever to become a matter of general knowledge it would finish vaccination in the whole country, at least among those who are able to read and think for themselves. After three years of the most rigid vaccination, when every Philippino had been vaccinated from one to six times, there occurred the severest epidemic of smallpox that the Islands had ever seen, with a death-rate running in places to over 70 per cent, and in all, well over 60,000 deaths. Is it any wonder the public is getting a little suspicious of us and our vaunted 'medical discoveries?' The wonder to me is that there are still millions of them willing to submit to vaccination and serum treatment."

Alfred Russell Wallace D.D. who spent many years doing research all over the world, collecting data on both sides of the vaccination question had this to say:

"While utterly powerless for good, vaccination is a certain cause of disease and death in many cases and is the probable cause of about 10,000 deaths annually in England, by five diseases of the most terrible and disgusting character."

L F. Cornell, M.D., President of the Homeopathic Medical Society of New York said: (1868)

It is my firm conviction that vaccination has been a curse instead of a blessing to the race. Every physician knows that cutaneous (pertaining to the skin) diseases have increased in frequency, severity, and variety to an alarming extent. To what is this increase owing? Contagion may account for some of the varieties; in a large majority, however, to no medium of transmission is the wide spread dissemination of this class of diseases so largely indebted as to vaccination."

Dr. E. M. Ripley, of Unionville, Connecticut, stated in a public address delivered in New Britain, Connecticut:

"Never in the history of medicine has there been produced so false a theory, such fraudulent assumptions, such disastrous and damning results as have followed the practice of vaccination; it is the ultima thule (extremity) of learned quackery, and lacks, and has ever lacked, the faintest shadow of a scientific basis. The fears of the people have been played upon as to the dangers of smallpox and the sure prevention by vaccination, until nearly the whole civilized world has become physically corrupted by its practice.

"The life-blood of nations has become the cesspool of vaccinators wherein they have poured the foul excretions that are thrown off from diseased beasts, nature adjudging it too vile to contaminate the system of any living creature.

SCROFULA, that hydra-headed monster of pathology, whose ramifications extend into and complicate nearly all the diseases that flesh is heir to, and whose victims are as the sands of the seashore in number, is one of the oldest children of vaccine poisoning.

"SYPHILIS, that disreputable disorder, that sinks its victims below the scale of decency, and hounds them to dishonorable graves, has been carried by the vaccinator's needle into the homes of the innocent and virtuous, and there, with consequent suffering that defies the imagination of man to depict."

Dr. J. Peebles (M.D.,Ph.D.) in his hook "VACCINATION A MENACE TO PERSONAL LIBERTY" wrote:

"When a mad dog enters a community and bites a child, the whole population rises up and demands the death of the creature, and desires that all available means be immediately used to eliminate from the system of the child the virus that has been so cruelly inserted. The action of the people in this case is a very natural one; but let me tell you that where tile bite of a mad dog has caused death in one case, the mad doctor with his calf-lymph and poisoned needle has caused tens of thousands of deaths.

"Vaccination is the most outrageous insult that can be offered to any pure-minded man or woman. It is the boldest and most impious attempt to mar the works of God that has been attempted for ages. The stupid blunder of doctor-craft has wrought all the evil that it ought, and it is time that free American citizens arise in their might and blot out the whole blood-poisoning business."

Dr. Thomas Morgan, in his "MEDICAL DELUSIONS" (page 6) writes

"At the present time, the medical profession prescribes innumerable poisons, such as arsenic, strychnine, morphine, mercury and other destructive drugs that ruin the health of the human race . . . and the greatest of all delusions is the GERM THEORY, and the consequent introduction of serum therapy, with its various antitoxins

"Notwithstanding the fact that these medical delusions have been the cause of more injury and death than pestilence, famine and war combined, the medical doctors have agreed to meet each other half way, on the common ground of self-interest, for the purpose of formulating and enforcing the tyrannical laws to prevent anyone outside their ring from practicing medicine."

The following public confession was made by J. W. HODGE M. D. of Niagara Falls, New York:

"To affirm that there never has been any scientific warranty for a belief in the alleged protective virtues of vaccination and that its practice is backed by ignorance and indifference, is a sorry charge to make against the medical profession...but the charge, I regret to say is only too true. I know whereof I affirm, for I, too, must plead guilty of the charge. Before discovering my mistake I had vaccinated more than 3,000 victims, ignorantly supposing the disease I was propagating to be a preventative of smallpox. Having taken for granted what my teachers had asserted, I was a staunch believer in the alleged efficacy of vaccination as a prophylactic against smallpox. I remained in this blind and blissful state of ignorance for several years, and not until I acquired a little experience in the school of observation and reflection did I discover that my faith was pinned to a shameful fraud.

"The first real eye-opener I received upon the subject was while I was practicing my profession in Lockport. At that time (1902) smallpox made its appearance in this city and soon attained the proportions of an epidemic. At the outbreak of the disease more vaccinations were ordered by the Department of Health and I was officially appointed Public Vaccinator. My duty was to go from house to house and vaccinate all persons who could not present recent vaccination scars on their bodies, and to re-vaccinate all those who could not give assurance of having been vaccinated within a period of two years.

"Just before and during the prevalence of this epidemic I vaccinated nearly 3,000 victims, using the so-called "pure calf-lymph" obtained every third day 'fresh' from the vaccine farm of the New York City Board of Health. Much to the disgust of the people, and more my own surprise and chagrin, I was confronted with a large number of cases of vaccinal erysipelas, as well as several cases of phlegmonous axillary abscesses following as results of vaccination. This is not all; a number of those vaccinated were attacked with confluent smallpox at periods varying from twelve days to three weeks, after having been rendered ‘immune' (?) by vaccination.

"These astounding facts, so contrary to my preconceived notions about vaccination and smallpox, I could not account for and they confused me as I was not able to see where the 'protection' came in.

"With Pascal, I 'considered the affirmation of facts - more powerful than assertions of men'. I then began a careful study of the relations existing between smallpox and vaccination, with the ultimate result that I was forced to entirely abandon all faith in the medical dogma of vaccinal protection against smallpox. During the epidemic, I had under my inspection 28 smallpox patients, all of whom, with one exception, had been 'successfully' vaccinated. Several of these patients had been re-vaccinated before contracting the disease. THUS I WAS FORCED, THROUGH THE STERN LOGIC OF DISAGREEABLE FACTS, TO THE UNWELCOME CONCLUSION THAT VACCINATON HAD NOT PROTECTED THESE VICTIMS OF SMALLPOX.

"After the revelations of this dismal experience had dawned upon me I determined to make a careful study of the printed data on vaccination. After a thorough investigation of the statistics of smallpox epidemiology collected ffrom various parts of the world, I was treated to another great surprise, namely, the world's greatest statisticians on smallpox and vaccination fully corroorated the experience that I had met with in the Lockport epidemic.

"Previous to this disappointing experience I had read only the usual literature on the subject, found in libraries and medical schools. I had heard only the "expert" (one-sided) testimony of the pro-vaccinists. I knew but one side of the question and was like the one of whom John Stuart Mill spoke, when he mid:


"After a careful study of the history of vaccination and the extensive experience in its use, I am thoroughly convinced that:

"( 1) Vaccination is utterly useless as a preventive against smallpox, that millions of vaccinated persons have died of smallpox.

"( 2) The practice of this degrading rite is enforced by doctors as a dogma without being understood; that like other infamous dogma it is good only for "fees"

( 3) Inoculation as unanimously believed in and practiced by the "regular" doctors for 100 years was guilty of multiplying smallpox....

"( 4) Smallpox epidemics were checked by cessation of inoculation and not by the introduction of vaccination.

"(5) Smallpox continued to increase under vaccination until sanitation and improved nutrition came into more general use.

"( 6) Health measures have controlled smallpox, and vaccination has claimed the credit.

"( 7) Vaccination protects from smallpox only when it kills the patient before smallpox develops.

"( 8) Vaccination has been the means of disseminating (spreading) consumption, cancer, syphilis, and many other fatal and loathsome diseases.

"( 9) Tuberculosis is a disease common to cattle and to human beings and has frequently been conveyed by vaccination from the former to the latter, by way of vaccination.

"(10) Edward Jenner shaddled a legacy of disease and death on the human race and incidentally made $150,000 by the transaction.

"(11) Many doctors and some editors are making money by propagating this curse. (vaccination)

"(12) Vaccination is called 'successful' when it succeeds in making healthy people diseased.

"(13) Disease as the result of vaccination is the logical harvest from the seed sown.

"(14) Vaccination has no scientific basis upon which to rest its claims and no analogy in any ascertained principle or law in nature.

"(15) The so called 'spontaneous cow-pox' (from which vaccine is made) is a myth; the disease so named, being tubercular or syphilitic in its nature.

"(16) When vaccination kills its victims the facts are suppressed and the death certificates name other diseases as the cause.

"(17) Compulsory vaccination has been abolished in England, Switzerland, and certain other countries, while laws sustaining this crime still disgrace the statute books of many states in free (?) America.

"(18) Vaccination is one of the foulest blots on the escutcheon of the ‘nobel art of healing' ".