Vaccination increasing susceptibility to infections


Staph A infection NOT SIDS

R-V-Clark evidence Court of Appeal Dr James Morris
concluded along with 10 other experts that the cause
of death in Harry Clark was Staph A infection NOT SIDS
 The C of A agreed. Not vaccines NOT SIDS Staph A.

Parfentjev IA, Bacterial allergy increases
susceptibility to influenza virus in mice, Proc Soc
Exp Med Biol 1955;52:373,
"found previously that vaccination of mice with H
pertussis vaccine increased their susceptibility to
infection with several unrelated species of
gram-negative bacteria; such mice succumbed to a
smaller number of live bacteria than ormal mice."

Kind SK Sensitivity of pertussis inoculated mice to
endotoxin, J Immunol 1959;82:32-37,
"It is now well know that mice inoculated with
Bordeteall pertussis vaccine develop an enhanced
sensistivity to a variety of agents and conditions
such as anaphylaxis, histamine, serotonin and

"this article presents data on various aspects of
endotoxin sensitivity in pertussis innoculated mice,
its duration, its possible relation to bacterial

Pertussis vaccine is capable of rendering the body
susceptible to infections to which it would otherwise
be immune.  This is quite possibly the reason that a
healthy babay would recieve this vaccine and then die
of an overwhelming bacterial infection.