Dangers in Tetanus vaccine

L M SMITH ( SVQF34B@prodigy.com )
Fri, 3 Oct 1997 13:15:34, -0500

Haven't any of you heard of all the negative reactions from
immunizations? Many believe some of them cause autoimmune disorders
such as ms. If you have lyme disease or another &quothidden" ailment going
on, a tetanus shot can send you into an exacerbation that could have
very serious side effects.
I had a tetanus vaccination after an injury in 1990. I developed a
headache by that night that lasted for 3 months. Within a week of the
shot, I developed optic neuritis, the injection site swelled to the
size of an egg, and I had blindness in one eye for three years. This
escalated to paralysis on the same side of the body as the blindness and
a neuro gave me iv steroids which sent me into a wheelchair three months
later. I have been dx'd with ms. (convenient box) I believe it is
probably severe late stage lyme. Whatever it is, I haven't been able
to find much relief. I am interested in Dr. Hulda Clark's book, A Cure
For All Diseases and am starting to follow some of her suggestions. I
am interested in colloidal silver treatments and the zapper she talks

I would never get another vaccination of any kind, and never take
steroids again.

But this is just my experience and thoughts.