Tetanus/Lockjaw from vaccination

[2011 June] The Original Paul Offit By Jake Crosby What Dr. Barnes certainly did not talk about was how Mulford’s smallpox vaccine was harvested from the underbelly of cows inside a filthy stable  - a breeding ground for tetanus spores just as Offit is quiet about the fatal pig wasting virus in his own vaccine. Eventually, the definitive paper that finally proved that HK Mulford’s vaccine caused Camden’s outbreak of post-vaccination tetanus was published in The Lancet

"Lockjaw is a comparatively rare disease except where a vaccination epidemic rages. In his Principles and Practice of Medicine, Sir Wm. Osler says of tetanus as a disease transmitted by vaccination: McFarland collected 95 cases practically all American. Sixty-three occured in 1901, in which R. W. Wilson demonstrated the tetanus bacillus. Most of these cases occurred about Philadelphia."    The States Public Health Report, March 20, 1925 says that several fatal cases of tetanus in vaccinated individuals has recently occurred in the United States" The Report for June 26, 1925, contains accounts, in its first six pages, of eleven cases of tetanus following vaccination. Boys are more susceptible than girls to post-vaccinal tetanus.

In a letter dated Aug. 9. 1929, and addressed to Senator Robt. F. Wagner, Dr. Hugh S. Cummings. Surgeon General of the U.S. Public Health Service, says the figures which his letter shows are incomplete, for deaths due to post-vaccinal tetanus are as follows:   1925---29; 1926---15: 1927---17, 1929---1. As most of these deaths occur after school opens in September, at which time the great orgy of vaccination begins, the apparent reduction in 1929 is probably very deceptive.

In the early part of 1925, while the whole of the East was in the throes of a vaccination epidemic, the New York Evening Graphic uncovered at least two deaths from post-vaccinal tetanus, and many other cases of vaccinal injury in Baltimore. After they published the accounts of these cases, the hospitals in Baltimore established a rigid censorship and suppressed the horrid truth about this criminal practice. But a truce with tetanus; the newspapers carry frequent reports of such deaths and I can only touch the high spots here. Everyone can know of these cases who cares to investigate."--Herbert Shelton DC:

Pathel, JC, et al, "Tetanus Following Vaccination Against Small-pox", J Pediatr, Jul 1960; 27:251-263.

This dreadful and most fatal disease known as "Tetanus" or Lockjaw is such a common result of vaccination, and the consequential and responsible relation of vaccination thereto is so shamefully denied and concealed by vaccinators, that a special chapter seems to be necessary here to give the real truth on this important point.
    In my previous pamphlet "Vaccination and Lockjaw" I have treated this subject exhaustively and now refer thereto for full facts and authorities, but I will give an outline of the subject here which will cover the main facts in the case.
    One of the most common and false defences of the vaccinators on this point is the shameful fallacy and falsehood that if the lockjaw germs are not found in the virus itself, therefore vaccination with this virus cannot cause lockjaw in the vaccinated person or be held responsible for it. This is, substantially, the logic or implication in one of our latest Government reports on this subject by Dr. J. F. Anderson, entitled "Post Vaccination Tetanus," which title means in plain English, Lockjaw after Vaccination, published in the U. S. Health Reports of July 16, 1915.
    In this report the author, who is an expert on vaccines, practically excuses vaccination for all blame for lockjaw deaths where the lockjaw germs do not exist, or cannot be proved to exist in the vaccine virus itself! . . . After making this half truthful and misleading report favorable to vaccination, the author, according to the statement of a Washington newspaper, resigned from the employ of the U. S. Government at a salary reported as $4,500 per year and entered the employ of one of the biggest manufacturers of vaccine virus and serums in the country at the alleged enormous salary of $25,000 per year!
    For a more truthful and accurate report showing how lockjaw germs are widely diffused and how they absolutely depend on a pus infection, like the vaccination sore, or its equivalent, for their "activation" and fatal effects, as now explained here, see Studies of Dr. Francis, in Bulletin No. 95, U. S. Hygienic Laboratory, August, 1914. [1920 USA] HORRORS OF VACCINATION EXPOSED AND ILLUSTRATED BY CHAS. M. HIGGINS


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