Good-Bye Germ Theory

a book by Dr. William Trebing. 


(be sure to get 6th edition ISBN # 1413454402)

The opening pages " When you need a quick fact in a hurry"
Chapters, partial list.
" How to educate your pediatrician.
" The poisoned Needle"
" The truth about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome"
" Immunity or Lunacy"
" Those pesky epidemics"
" We're here from the government and we're to help you"

Includes forms to send anyone in government that is harassing you.
Also some great legal advice. And lots of ways to deal with the vaccinators.
In the introduction, Dr.. Trebing says, " I can no longer stand idly by as more and more defenseless children become victims of mindless and villainous vaccination policies."

And " If they are not stopped here and now, they will grow to encompass and control our lives and the lives of our children in ways you may now think unimaginable."

And " I ask you to join this cause here and now, with the heart of a lion and the faith of a child. Winston Churchill once said that it is far better to choose to fight when there is a slim chance of winning, then to have to fight when there is no chance at all. We are at that time of critical choice. Choose wisely. Your family's future very much depends on it."