Vaccination Injuries Conspiracy Uncovered
Oct 2006

Tonight at 22.30 local time (right now), you can watch a documentary
on Norwegian TV2 about Norwegian Vaccine Conspiracy uncovered.

For the first time ever Norwegian authorities admit that they knew
vaccines were dangerous.  This documentary is only one of several
programs on TV2 that follows the story of  Norwegian vaccination
injuries conspiracy.

 Health minister Torbjørn Mork stopped production of the Norwegian
vaccines October 1983 cause he was afraid vaccines were causing
injuries.  But nobody informed doctors and nurses about it. Instead,
doctors and nurses were informed that vaccination production was just
temporarily discontinued in order to do maintenance on the production

One part of this documentary is a story about Berner family. It is
Berners who started it all.
Family Berner has been fighting Norwegian state for 22 years.
Authorities representing Norwegian state would not admit that vaccine
was the cause of the brain injury.

  Sten Eilert Skatvedt Berner is 25 years old. When he was 3 months
 he suffered permanent brain injury after receiving DTP (Diphtheria
Tetanus Pertussis single dose) vaccine.  Two days after receiving the
vaccine, Sten Eilert got strong brain inflammation that left him with
permanent brain damage. He is 25 years old now, but his brain is on
the level of pre-school child.

His family was fighting for 22 years to have Norwegian authorities to
admit that brain damage was caused by vaccine.  This is the first time
ever that Norwegian authorities actually admitted that someone was
brain damaged after receiving DTP (Diphtheria Tetanus Pertussis)
vaccine produced in Norway.

Family Berner wanted to get Norwegian authorities to admit that it was
the Vaccine that caused brain damaged, but Berners lost the first
court case, just lake all the others who tried to use legal system to
get to the bottom of the truth.  Many children in Norway suffered
brain damage after receiving the vaccine.

"I felt strongly that authorities were hiding information, suppressing
information and they were also coming forward with clearly wrong
information and that has really maid me mad" said Svein Erik Berner,
Sten Eilert's father.

Berners family appealed, and finally, after 22 years, they won the
case without even reaching the court.

 Norwegian authorities finally decided to agree to the claims of the
Berners family and that way they escaped meeting them in court.  Now,
it is only a question of the amount of compensation that they are
going to receive.
Why did authorities chose this move? Why not meet Berners in court?
Cause Berners were much better prepared this time.  This time they
invited some of the greatest authorities on the vaccine injuries, and
they also uncovered documents that clearly show that authorities were
well aware of dangers associated with Norwegian DPT (Diphtheria
Tetanus Pertussis) vaccine.

 "I would have said in court that by far most likely is that this boy,
Sten, was injured by a component of this triple vaccine." said John
H.Menkes, Neurologist, Sinai Hospital, USA


Tonight at 22.30 (local time)