Vasculitis & vaccine citations

"Vasculitis is an inflammation of the blood vessels......Vasculitis can cause many different symptoms, depending upon what tissues are involved and the severity of the tissue damage. Some patients are not ill and notice occasional spots on their skin. Others are very ill with systemic symptoms and major organ damage..... For many patients, vasculitis, especially if confined to the skin, may be annoying but never life-threatening. .....a small number of people have sever vasculitis involving major organ systems. In these cases, damage can occur so rapidly that treatment does not have time to work or the condition may be resistant to treatment. An attack of vasculitis can be fatal or permanently disabling for individuals so affected.......For the vast majority of people with vasculitis, treatment is very effective. The vasculitis may disappear only to reoccur later and require treatment again; or it may be suppressed but never really go away, so that some ongoing treatment is always required."---Bevra H. Hahn, M.D.

[2010 Feb] H1N1 shot blamed for Calgary woman's rare disorder  Her kidneys were shutting down. Doctors eventually diagnosed it as vasculitis, an inflammation that destroys blood vessels.

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Influenza vaccination is a widely accepted practice particularly among the elderly and high risk individuals. Minor and transitory side effects following the vaccination are common while systemic complications are infrequently reported. We describe 3 patients who developed systemic vasculitis following influenza vaccination. With increasing use of influenza vaccination, attention should be drawn to the possible expression of systemic adverse effects such as vasculitis.

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