Vaccine Damage

[Psychopathy in action, the 80% law being classic Psychopathy.]

See: Treatment of vaccine victims  Psychopathy

[2012 May] Autism Caused by MMR Vaccine – Italian Government Tries To Avoid Paying Up – Just Like the UK  This is just like the disgraceful state of the English authorities – with the wholly corrupt UK Vaccine Damage Payments Unit.  Hardly anyone knows it exists and their job is to deny compensation as far as they possibly can, making up as many spurious reasons as possible to wear down already worn down parents until they go away. 
The cost of trying to get money out of these corrupt people in terms of time and money could well offset what is paid out.  Since 1998 to 2008 they have paid out on 34 claims – and not much money either – an £80,000 lump sum for a child requiring 24/7 care: FOI Response From DWP – [history of request HERE].
    The total paid out on just 34 claims is an average of: £96,544.12.  The grand total paid since 1998 is £3,282,500 [about US$ 5 million] for all the cases.  The success rate for claims is an abysmal 45 out of 46 cases get nothing.  So just 2 in 100 applicants get anything.  It is hardly surprising few bother or just give up.  Cases are assessed by the Department For Work and Pensions on the same basis as an industrial injury suffered by an adult worker.  Children used to have had to be 80% disabled and now it is 60%.  This means children are vaccine injured but in addition to making up loads of reasons why the DWP should not pay up the ultimate insult is that the child is not sufficiently disable.  There is no legal funding normally either to assist with cases.

[pdf  2011 Dec] Baby Made Deaf by MMR is Refused Compensation for NOT Being Disabled ENOUGH! by Christina England  It has now been proven that the ‘Vaccine Damage Payments Unit’ (VDPU) not only cherry pick who they award compensation to, depending on the level of disability but also change their rules to suit their needs, as they go along.   Katie Stephen has been left permanently and profoundly deaf in her left ear as a result of receiving the now banned MMR vaccine, Pluserix. Despite her injury however, Katie has been refused compensation for her disability because the VDPU deems her to be less than 60% disabled.

[UK Vaccine Damage Payment Unit Jan 2007] Won't pay out for children under 2 even though they have 3 vaccines before 2 years

[2005] UK Government In Secret Payments For Childhood Vaccine Damage New figures show the Government has paid out £3.5 million since 1997 to families who claim their children fell sick after jabs. Over the years (sine 1979), up to 30,000 people have battled for compensation, with only a handful winning their cases. ....They say they do not keep statistics about which vaccines are involved because it is too difficult to pin the blame on a specific injection.

The number of claims received and successful payments made under the Vaccine Damage Payments Act 1979, in each financial year since April 2000

As the rules stand at the moment people who are severely disabled as a result of vaccination may be able to get a one-off payment of £30,000 tax-free under the Vaccine Damage Payments Act 1979. Severe disablement means at least 80% disabled.---UK

"I know parents who have been turned down because they say the child is 79.5 per cent disabled (not 80%)."--Ann Coote