War in Space--Helping The Operators

Don Croft
War in Space--Helping The Operators - July 3, 2006 11:59
'At times, you have to take some pain and some restriction of happiness; only you should feel, as you do, that happiness is so very important in life. It gows best if you know how to keep youself clean inside. Then you never lose your ability to be happy, even if things are very sad and lonely at times.' ~Wilhelm Reich, in a letter, Jan.25, 1956, quoted by Peter Reich in his book.

The key to effective blasting is to be happy. This enables us to send the energy from our hearts instead of from the lower chakras. When we send from below the heart we're vulnerable but when we send from the heart we're not.

So, be happy and do it!

In yesterday's group session I asked for folks to offer clues for where to go hunting for mass murder or Armaggedon plots that we can interfere with. Andy Schwarm suggested looking into the current American 'Space Command' alert status.

Carol took a peek at that and found a war waging in space and in our atmosphere. It's between The Operators (in this case, she was seeing Lemurians, Arcturians, dolphins and whales) and an alliance of B-Sirians and a predatory race/specie that Carol hadn't seen before--new reinforcements from out of town for the bad guys? It was a stalemate.

A couple of hours before the chat session we were riding in Carol's little roadster, with the top down, and I saw a small 'Lemurian' cloud on the edge of a huge, dark storm cloud overhead and near a big, white 'demon' cloud. I hadn't seen any Lemu or demon clouds since we came here, last September. Lemu clouds are the ones that are kind of flat and nubbly and have a bright pink and chartreuse edge, all around. Pink is outside of the green. As I watched, a littlea patch of bright green and magenta showed up in the demon cloud and that cloud quickly dissipated right after the colors showed up briefly, then disappeared there. I guess the Lemus shot some concentrated orgone at the demon cloud/entity. I say, 'demon' but of course there are no essentially evil entities--maybe it's just a nasty thoughtform.

Carol explained that The Operators and our otherworldly enemies have no trouble making their ships invisible to us but that the energy fields of the ships produce telltale cloudforms, including lenticular clouds. The good guys' ships produce white clouds and the bad guys's ships produce dark versions, usually accompanied by dark, gloomy storm clouds. The demon clouds are a sort of nasty counterpart to the Sylph's gorgeous cloud creations and the demon clouds are also mostly white, which is perhaps why a dim but pesistent faker who claims to be 'the Sylphs' spokesman' posts photos of demon clouds on the web and calls them Sylphs, or was doing so before Ryan exposed him last year. After that, I gather that the fellow is claiming to be an authority on gifting.   I wish it werent' so that a few omnipesent fakers manage to stick to the periphery of this movement like $#!+ to a shoe and keep a few unwitting but good-hearted folks from empowering themselves but maybe it's my (our?) personal test not to be discouraged by their lingering presence.  Maybe learning to accept all of that is just everyone's  'aroma-aversion therapy.'

A lot of chemtrails had been laid in the vicinity of the dark storm cloud overhead and a few smidgeons of spew remained on either side. The spewboys were apparently sent up there to help the bad guys. The dark cloud was kind of narrow and ran east and west, without a tall head. To the west was a raging, tall thunderstorm and maybe the cloud over us was supposed to have developed into one of those but simply failed to do so on account of the cloudbusters, busted towers and gifted waterways. By the time we got back home from our errand, a half hour late, it was entirely gone, by the way.

The sky right over us is usually bright. Gloomy clouds are sometimes seen around the edge of the bright area. Last week, we photographed a dark cloud which was being prevented by our and Jeff's cloudbusters from approaching from the periphery. It looked like someone sliced a big thunderhead down the middle and exposed the 'guts,' which in this case were an amalgam of very dark lenticulars in the center--yuck! I couild almost smell the space rats ;-)  Apparently, the slicing was done by my cloudbuster, which I had aimed at the advancing (stalled, in this case) gloom in order to get a little more time to work outside ;-)

Are you playing around with your cloudbuster and observing your own sky every day, by the way? ''Everywhere you look, there's someting to see.' Start posting your observations more, if so.  The previous boards were full of these good, consistent posted observations before the TIGs' and sociopaths' poison took hold on those boards and the good stuff was all excised out, so we need more of the good stuff in the current, reputable public record. 'TIG' was Dr. Reich's term for 'thugs in government.' It's not likely that anyone will soon go hunting through HTML archives for the good stuff, so EW is just about the only reputable game in town, for now, in English, sad to say.

I'm going to be posting more quotes from Dr Reich because I want for him to eventually get the credit that he richly deserves for initiating this enormous new field of science and human growth. EVery fair mention of him helps, so I hope you'll do the same. The sewer rats are very, very opposed to the resurrection of Dr Reich's good reputation, of course, and for the past fifty years just about the only people who quoted him (almost always out of context and for the sake of pitiful polemics) were sexual deviants and intellectually-depraved scholars. How would you like to be respresented by that bunch? ;-)

He spoke and wrote as freely about aliens and the enemy on the ground (TIGs and conpsiracy) as we're doing, here. He also spoke and wrote freely about the scientific and health aspects of sex but I'm going to wait to comment on that subject until someone comes along who can discuss it rationally without using it to promote hedonism.

All I know about sex is from direct experience and it's nothing that would add much to the data base & it's nothing that you can't get on your own, of course. I think it's appropriate to remind, as often as necessary, that Dr Reich considered the only healthy expression of sexual energy is through heterosexual, monogamous sex and that he strongly discouraged promiscuity.

CArol asked the Lemus if they wanted our help and they consented, then began healing each of us as a cordial expression of reciprocity. This is how real friends relate to each other, of course.

She saw four Lemus show up around each of the chatblasters, immediately, so we were boosting their lead ship while they were healing us. It felt wonderful! The boosters, yesterday, were in AFrica, Europe, America, Canada, the Caribbean and Southeast Asia, by the way. Dooney and STevo, who with Carol make up the psychic core of these efforts, have had houseguests but they jumped in to help, which pleased Carol a lot because she doesn't like being the only skilled psychic in the crew--makes her feel kind of lonely.

The psychics told us that the Lemus were benefitting from our boosting in that the necessary intel they were getting was becoming more clear to them, thanks to us. The bad guys had been able to queer the intel, somehow, and send them false imagery, hence the stalemate. They didn't want us to directly attack the bad guys because they were afraid that it would bring the 3D battle down to us. The Operators are always looking out for each of us, which is why none of us have been seriously harmed, in spite of the irreparable damage we're all causing to the World Odor.

We just kept boosting them until it was apparent that no more was required, then John Leach asked for a little followup intel, since he and Igor Cinti had just finished gifting Cerveteri, the ancient, enormous satanic cemetery north of Rome. On their first trip, John and Igor spread a lot of orgonite around the mile-long target but this time they put in a bunch of earthpipes. A blue hole opened up over Cervetery by the time the second earthpipe was in the ground and Igor has posted or will post about all that in another thread.

The psychics saw a bunch of predatory Jesuits cowering, somewhere. These are the ones who were supposed to exact reprisals on John and Igor ;-)

We blasted those Jesuits for good measure and as a public service, then the session was done.

The reason I'm usually posting these weekly accounts is that I want something in the record. These reports aren't authoritative and anyone can tell that we're not seeking to create a cult around this data or to have an advantage over anyone else, except the sewer rats and their parasitic, offworld allies. There are other informal groups doing what we're doing, or something close to it, after all. We're not 'chosen one's' and we're not the only group that The Operators favor. Maybe we're the only ones reporting our experiences with something approaching intellectual integrity, though.

Integrity is all that can keep anyone in the game for the duration, otherwise one will spin off into vain imagination and chest pounding. 'They bow the knee to their own imaginings and call it truth.' Psyhics are more prone than most to letting their egos charge off without them holding the reins and the sewer rats do whatever they can to boost psychics' egos.

Happiness is the confirmation as well as the requirement for staying the course. If you do this work and gradually become happier on account of that you'll know you're on track. It's the long haul that counts, not churchy titillation, personal charisma or a feeling of exclusiveness. Being clean iside is something we can't fake, especially as more and more people start assuming responsibility to discern reality rather than to be led around by the nose by dirty but charismatic characters with high-sounding words.

If this board were in another language--the more obscure the language, the better--I'd try an open-membership format because most folks in the world respond positively to rational communication and fairness but until the bad guys have been brought to account we'll have to contend with the simple truth that there's a big, monolithic army of paid socipaths, programmed sycophants and programmed fairweather friends out there who know all of the right things to parrot in oder to weasel onto a legitimate board and start poisoning it with behavior modification protocols (look at the silent treatment that substantive posters get on those boards), backchannel backbiting and other ennervating ploys.

If you're participating on a polluted internet forum or trying to get usable info from a site that features disinformants, check out how your energy stays depleted, then break clear of them and get some discernment and accountability, okay? It's not too late or you to do more than just talk about doing this work and you DON'T need to participate on an internet forum in oder to get empowered this way and make the world better in the process. If nobody you know is capable of talking intelligently and from the heart, get in touch with someone on the internet who is. In Australia and UK, backstabbers pretty much destoyed the internet aspect of the network before a couple of years ago, but the network is still expanding, there, entirely off the public part of the web, so of course the boards aren't essential now. That's one of the miracles produced by genuine synergy, based on the distribution of orgonite.

In Dr Reich's day, enormous popular interest was generated in his work until these poison mongers' predecessors went to work on his network. They drove nearly every tuth-seeker away from him, after that, and within a short time he was imprisoned, murdered and essentially erased from history.

The difference, now, is that Dr Reich's contributions have found a much broader expression in a genuine, global grassroot movement that's not personality-based, so the poison mongers can't find any proper targets ;-). Their slander arrows, mainly, were directed at D Bradley, strange to tell, perhaps because they were hoping that he was the 'head' of this movement. They can't understand the nature of a grassroot movement, after all. DB is still doing okay, apparently, though they clearly wanted to kill him before they started the slander campaigns on the discredited boards. Sour grapes for them, I guess. I've put enough information about him and his gifting achievements in my book that if it gets popular, so will his substantial contributions to this network be recognized and his good reputation restored. See how they're trying to erase him? This is what they did to Dr Reich, though that effort is finally failing, too.

Let's do whatever we can to exonerate Dr Reich, okay? It's necessary, now, for him to be seen in proper perspective. The work we're doing has been effective at bringing Dr Reich back into public discussion, again, and I'm damn proud of our role in that, at least.




This morning, Carol is making another batch of HPs. I need to report the following, for the record, because I don't want the invisible sewer rats to start a new trend:

She puts the wire triangles, three hematite beads and the center gems in the little muffin trays initially, then adds a layer of copper, then she adds the new secret item in the middle, then covers all that with titanium, followed by the crop circle coil and the remaining gem. When she was in Hawaii, in May, 04, the dolphins asked her to add that little item to her HPs and she's done so ever since then. She was starting to add the titanium to all the tays when she saw that the secret items had been suddenly removed, immediately after she finished put them in the trays. She was standing right there, so nobody could ahve come aroun din 3D and taken them, then. Some invisible sewer rat was evidently standing next to her, taking the items in the moments when her attention was elsewhere.

She blasted the snot out of whoever did that. Then the items stayed where they belong and she's finishing that batch up, now ;-)

If you have a similar experience, remember to blast the culprit(s), okay? They sometimes steal stuff from our homes, even from right next to us while we're sleeping, and if we don't talk about it, publicly, they'll probably do it more often. It rarely happens by now, thankfully, and when it does we've got a right to brag about it here because it's an excellent confirmation, in addition to being a pain in the butt. I don't think Dr Reich had to contend with this. He armed himself and his associates, though, and trained them to defend the property in case the felonious feds came to visit without permission. He said that these treasonous feds behave like weasels; I just call them 'sewer rats.' Is it time for an American version of the Nurembug trials? Carl Jung probably won't show up to get the mass murderers off the hook with his bizarre, 'collective guilt' mumbo jumbo this time ;-) because they're sure not OUR government, after all.

Many of us are directly aware that the TIGs have the ability to make themselves invisible (at least from us), temporarily. They may have backengineered some of the bad guys' time/space manipulation tech for that. Some of us use a non-physical technique that Carol taught us to get a similar effect when we don't want teh sewer rats to see us. The main difference is that their technique is mainly electronic and ours mainly requires confidence. 'As your faith is, so shall your power and blessings be.'

Ryan McGinty, whom we left in LA with Bradley, saw DB bring down a helicopter or two with a variation of this technique after DB noticed that Carol was causing all the stoplights to stay green on our way back to his place from Devil's Punchbowl on that fateful day, two years ago. DB has lots and lots and lots of confidence ;-)