Zinc is the difference between getting, or not getting PD.


a recent study published in the Journal of Nutrition has confirmed its importance in immune support. Children in Nepal given zinc supplements were protected from a serious bacterium that can cause respiratory infections, including pneumonia.

The connection between zinc & infection

Streptococcus pneumoniae-related pneumonia is one of the most serious health threats to children around the world. As part of a larger study, researchers looked at the effects of micronutrient supplements on the health of children in Nepal, an area known for its high prevalence of nutrient deficiencies.

Children between one and three years old were randomly assigned to receive 10 mg of zinc per day or placebo. From these two groups, 550 children who developed pneumonia during the study period were compared with 550 children who did not. Swabs of nasal secretions from the children were tested for the presence of S. pneumoniae. As predicted, carriers of the bacterium were nearly three times more likely to get pneumonia than noncarriers, and among children who had early signs of infection at the time of the nasal swab, carriers were 78 times more likely to develop pneumonia. However, among children in the zinc group, carriers had no greater risk of pneumonia than noncarriers.

“We found evidence that zinc supplementation may significantly weaken the association between S. pneumoniae carriage and acute lower respiratory infection in young children living in areas of endemic zinc deficiency,” the study’s authors said.

...While only 3% of US children have low blood zinc levels, this study highlights the clear connection between adequate nutrition and health....