Chiropractic and Mental Illness
Mental Illness

Out of 72 cases studied, 70% of schizophrenics and 33% of brain syndrome patients were successfully treated by chiropractic and released. Among these were the following:

Violence (male, age twenty)

Admitted to an Iowa Chiropractic Institution. Symptoms: very violent, religious delusions, necessary to restrain him. Diagnosis of Dementia Praecox. Discharged four months later as cured. Letter received from the mother of the patient six months later states her son is enjoying the best of health.

Nervous breakdown (female, age eighteen)

Nervous breakdown at Christmas. Laughed and cried hysterically much of the time. Was sent by physicians to Kings Sanitarium, Radford, Virginia where she was placed in the insane ward for nine weeks. Her condition worsened. When brought to the chiropractor, violently insane, it was learned that the child had fallen out of a haymow when six years old and was unconscious for a time. X-rays revealed a marked subluxation of the upper cervical vertebrae (upper neck). Adjustments were given and the girl recovered so completely that she was able to be employed in a downtown cafeteria.

Compulsive neurosis (G.l., age twenty-two)

For seven months, subject complained of terrible pains in head, neck and abdomen. These complaints were labeled "imaginary" by M.D.s. Subject also suffered anxiety and compulsions. He feared he would harm his brothers and sisters and held his abdomen while walking. Onset of symptoms followed combat explosion. Seven months of shock treatment and psychiatric service unhelpful. Subject fully recovered under chiropractic care paid for by local American Legion post and... now gainfully employed.

Schizophrenia (girl, age thirteen)

Diagnosis made in Bellevue Hospital. After a severe fail, that night she went into a catatonic coma. Became completely rigid, fists closed very tightly, eyes wide open, obviously impervious to sight, sound or any outside influence. Institutionalism was ordered by psychiatrists in Bellevue. Against doctors' advice, mother took child home and consulted a chiropractor. X-rays were taken and a subluxation in the cervical region was adjusted. There was immediate improvement. After three adjustments recovered completely. Now married, has two children and is in perfect health.

Psychosis (female teacher, age twenty-eight, mother of one-year-old)

Post partum psychosis. Had been confined to State Mental Hospital since delivery Received hydrotherapy and shock treatments. Was gradually becoming worse. Unable to concentrate and would not respond to questions. Placed under chiropractic care and received a total of twenty adjustments, given twice weekly. Showed immediate improvement. Discharged as cured and has since been normal.

Manic depression (actress, age forty)

Experienced for many years headaches, abdominal pain, insomnia and loss of appetite. Lost all interest in life and had suicidal tendencies. Was under psychoanalysis for six months with little change. Consulted a chiropractor. The analyst noticed he was able to elicit more information while patient saw chiropractor. Both doctors cooperated and the patient showed steady improvement. A re-check five years later found that patient had continued to improve.