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THE FAUCI FILES, 3( 66): Dead Babies: Fauci's AZT African Legacy
August 16, 2000

The July, 2000 edition of the  Journal of Infectious Diseases reports
on the increased death rates among African babies treated
with AZT before and after birth, yet were still HIV-infected.

                                       % Dead or had AIDS at 12 months
   AZT (Zdv)  Group:                          44%
   NON-AZT  Group:                           24%

The 8/14/00 Reuters Health press release states:

     "Among infected children who did not receive ART before
      AIDS diagnosis, 44% developed AIDS or died before age
      12 months when they were exposed to prenatal or perinatal
      zidovudine.  However, among HIV-infected infants not
      exposed to zidovudine prophylaxis, rate of death or
      progression to  AIDS was only 24%. "

Kuhn et al. (2000) state:

    "Zdv (AZT) exposure was associated with 1.8-fold
     (95% confidence interval, 1.02-3.11) increased risk
     of progressing to AIDS or death..."

Does the term "medical ethics" even exist for NIH/NIAID
Director Dr. Anthony "Mussolini" Fauci and his NIH Scheme
Team, or are we at the threshold of a Brave New World in
human experimental corporate politics with its loathsome
brand of Faucian Junk Science?

W. Fred Shaw


Kuhn L, Abrams EJ, Weedon J, Lambert G, Schoenbaum EE, Nesheim SR,
Palumbo P, Vink PE, Bulterys M. Disease progression and early viral
dynamics in human immunodeficiency virus-infected children exposed to
zidovudine during prenatal and perinatal periods. J Infect Dis 2000

Columbia University, Sergievsky Center, New York, NY 10032, USA.

Abstract: Zidovudine (Zdv) is widely used to reduce maternal-infant
human immunodeficiency virus transmission (HIV), but its consequences
for disease progression among children infected despite Zdv exposure
remain unknown. In a multicenter observational cohort study of 325
HIV-infected children born during 1986-1997, clinical progression was
compared among infected children exposed or unexposed to Zdv during
prenatal and perinatal periods. Zdv exposure was associated with
1.8-fold (95% confidence interval, 1.02-3.11) increased risk of
progressing to AIDS or death after adjusting for year of birth, maternal
CD4 cell count, maternal AIDS diagnosis, and subsequent antiretroviral
therapy of the child. Mean log(10) viral copies at 7-12 weeks were
higher among Zdv-exposed children (P=.004). No infected child treated
early with multidrug therapy progressed to AIDS or died by 1 year,
regardless of early Zdv exposure. More rapid disease progression was
observed among infected children exposed during pregnancy or birth to
Zdv if effective multidrug therapy was not initiated.