THE FAUCI FILES, 3( 77): "Conant The Gay Barbarian -- Dermatologist of Death"

August 24, 2000

While we now have the published facts that proves AZT to be
a cause of AIDS (see THE FAUCI FILES, 3( 71) ), let's examine
some of the early evidence that clearly demonstrated even
OTHER causes of AIDS and the Conspiracy of Silence
that continues to surround them:

   "Wait a minute, these are different diseases."

As we take a stroll through the AIDS Junk Science Hall of Shame,
we come across this curious 1982 inscription on a marble
plaque near The Quilt Room -- a quote which is attributed to
San Francisco's "Dermatologist of Death",  Dr. Marcus
"Conant The Gay Barbarian" Conant:

   "By '82, it was obvious that what was being seen in Africa was
    not AIDS-associated Kaposi's sarcoma. The reason was that
    the African patients were treated very aggressively with
    chemotherapy -- adriamycin, bleomycin, vinblastine. The
    great majority of them improved and went home in a
    better state of health than they had been when they
    came to  the clinic."

   "When we used aggressive chemotherapy on our patients here in
    San Francisco, they died, and they died because those
    treatments were immunosuppressive and made them even more
    susceptible to Pneumocystis and other things. So it
    was clear just from response to the therapy, Wait a minute,
    these are different diseases."

    Dr. Marcus Conant
    "Founding the KS Clinic, and Continued AIDS Activism," (p208)

So what did Conant The Gay Barbarian do after he realized that
immunosuppressive drug experiments in AIDS patients was deadly?

He repeated the experiments ... for years.

Or perhaps you will better appreciate that as a "healer",
Conant The Gay Barbarian was to Dermatology what
John Wayne Gacy was to the Society of Professional Clowns,
except that Conant was never funny. Nor was Conant content
to merely "go along" with the Robert Gallo HIV Booster Club
of go-nowhere single-cause junk science "research" and
ambiguous viral fixations.

In fact, Conant couldn't do enough to "help" his fellow
gay men and neighbors meet their doom in one or another of
his deadly "aggressive chemotherapy" human experiments --
YEARS of experiments using immunosuppressive "aggressive
chemotherapy" which Conant had long before admitted
would result in death based on his own observations.

So what were Conant The Gay Barbarian's true motives?
That we may never know.

However, perhaps a better question for those gay doctors
who were continuously running full-page ads to re-supply
their caseloads with fresh, new subjects for human

   Doctor, are you treating your patients or are you using
   their guinea pig bodies to find out how to save
   your own selfish HIV-infected hide?

Certainly, Conant The Gay Barbarian wasn't the only gay
serial killer sanctioned by the Dr. Anthony "Mussolini" Fauci
NIH/NIAID Laboratory of Immunosuppression and its
namesake role model.

In fact, nearly every major American city had at least one
of its own "Gay Barbarian" doctors who had two things
in common with their preferred patient caseload:
(1) what they did in bed, and (2) the HIV virus.

So what is the moral of this story?

Fauci File No-brainer #1: never seek treatment from a doctor
who has the same disease you have, especially when
the disease has a poor prognosis.

Fauci File No-brainer #2: don't select doctors on the single
basis of what you and the doctor may do in bed (e.g. gay doctors
for gay patients; S&M doctors for S&M patients;
transexual lesbian leather doctors for transexual lesbian
leather patients ... the list, as you might imagine, is endless).

W. Fred Shaw, Editor


NOTES: The above Conant excerpt are from:

Marcus A. Conant, M.D., "Founding the KS Clinic, and
Continued AIDS  Activism," an oral history conducted in 1992
and 1995 by Sally Smith  Hughes in "The AIDS Epidemic in San
Francisco: The Medical Response,  1981-1984, Volume II,"
Regional Oral History Office, The Bancroft  Library,
University of California, Berkeley, 1996.

Volume II involves interviews with Donald I. Abrams, M.D.,
Marcus A.  Conant, M.D., and Andrew R. Moss, Ph.D., M.P.H.,
The interviews were  held, for the most part, in 1992, while
volume II was published in 1996.

Dr. Conant founded the Kaposi's Sarcoma Research and
Education  Foundation which later became the San Francisco
AIDS Foundation.

Drs. Paul Volberding and Dr. Donald Abrams are oncologists,
while Dr.  Conant is a dermatologist. These three doctors,
affiliated with  UCSF, were the key people involved in the
initial diagnosis and  treatment of individuals in San
Francisco during the early 1980s.